If you are beginner then you have to focus on your wordpress seo. Because a perfect seo score can explode your traffic. It is simple to do see in this post how?

WordPress SEO: A simple guide

Increasing your WordPress SEO is very beneficial to getting organic traffic to your website.

If you really wants to get free and organic traffic then you have to focus on your WordPress as you can.

But mostly WordPress SEO guides and tutorials are not simple to apply on your website.

But here I am going to share with you some of the top best tips for wordpress SEO .

So your website can grow organically.

The best thing about SEO is this if once this done perfectly then you will get free and large traffic daily without doing extra things.

Generally people says “Just write your content great your wordpress SEO will be good”.

I also says great content is main factor for wordpress SEO but there are also lot of things which is important too for your wordpress seo.

In this wordpress SEO guide I will share with you many of them step by step.

Introduction to wordpress SEO

Generally the beginners find wordpress SEO very difficult to implement.

Especially when they don’t have technical knowledge.

In this guide I will clear your wordpress SEO basics which is the most important.

After that you can practice yourself.

What is SEO actually means

Full name is Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO is the way to get free traffic from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO is not so much easy to do but you can do it if you practice it regularly.

How SEO works?

When you’re searches anything on the Internet then firstly your search will choose an engine like Google or Bing aur Yahoo.

Then these engines optimize some of the best sites to show you. So you will get your answer.

Search + engine + Optimisation = result

Which is the best site for a search engine

Any website or WordPress site full of curious content as per the algorithm of search engines is the best site for search engines.

Why SEO is important?

For Major websites, their maximum traffic comes from search engines.

These search engines have their own algorithm to understand your website by optimizing them.

If they find your website proper for any topic then they will show your website at the top of the search results.

How can you make a proper WordPress SEO website?

The simple answer is your WordPress SEO.

As you can understand how much traffic you can increase by doing proper WordPress SEO.

Basic tips for wordpress SEO

If you are a beginner it is cool because the next techniques given below are not very technically hard anybody can implement that.

I am sure If you do these WordPress SEO Technical techniques properly trust me you will see magic traffic increase after some time.

But If you are not using WordPress then it can be a little bit hard to do but WordPress guys I can do fun.

But all of the website users implement these techniques not all but some of them.

Check the setting of visibility in your site

when we install wordpress first time generally the search engine visibility of your settings are disabled.

Because in initial condition your website is not complete for Search Engine Optimisation.

As you know a new website have not very much content on it.

When a search engine initially finds a bad website, it gives bad effect and your rankings goes slow.

Due to this reason initially the search engine visibility is disabled so after making your blog or website perfect for SEO. please uncheck the box.

To do this go to your admin area and then to settings and then to readings. admin area>>setting>>readings

Here you will find check mark search engine visibility then, please uncheck it and don’t forget to press save changes button.

Always use SEO friendly permalinks

Permalinks is the the URL structure of your blog post for example indreshraja.com/wordpress-seo-guide for this post as you can see in your browser.

This post is about wordpress SEO so I use “wordpress SEO guide” as my permalink keyword. So search engine can optimise my site.

But if you use a bad type of urls like “indreshraja.com / ?pr=” as you can see these are nonsense type permalinks and it will give you bad effect in WordPress SEO.

How can you fix your permalinks

These are three step process to fix your permalinks as per wordpress SEO.

1) Change your permalink setting

First open your admin area then scroll down and go to settings and go to permalinks option.

Where you can see many types of URL you check the post name option because this type of URL makes sense for wordpress SEO.

In other types of URL there are some nonsense things are present so ignore them.

2) Change your permalink in your post

As you can see in your post there is automatically generated permalink are there. It is looking bad and senseless but you can edit it.

To edit this go to permalinks option in your right side blocks then edit your permalink as required for wordpress SEO.

Please note: If your site is old more than 4 or 5 month and you already have some traffic previously then please don’t change your permalink structure.

Because it can loose your previous traffic so you have to research a lot before changing your permalinks if your site is old.

If you are new then there’s no problem.

3) Use only one www or non www in your URL

for example I use non www so many my url is https://indreshraja.com .

But if I use www it will look like https://indreshraja.com but there is no effect of rankings and WordPress SEO in both www on non-www.

But difference creates when your URL is non-www at one place and with www at another place like on social media you are using www because both of them are considered as a different domain name.

So Search Engine Optimisation both of them occurred differently hence it is important to always use only one of them.

If you are beginner then you have to focus on your wordpress seo. Because a perfect seo score can explode your traffic. It is simple to do see in this post how?

Use wordpress SEO plugin

The best things about WordPress are this you can find plugins for any type of tasks

For wordpress SEO also there are lots of plugins but one of them called Yoast plugin is the best of all time change.

If you are beginner then you have to focus on your wordpress seo. Because a perfect seo score can explode your traffic. It is simple to do see in this post how?

Because it has maximum features in all of them So I recommend you to choose only Yoast SEO plugin.

To install it just go to admin area and then to plugins and then click on add new and search Yoast and finally install and activate it. \

Trust me Yoast is amazing plugin, your maximum problems related to wordpress SEO will be solved by using Yoast SEO plugin.

I personally uses Yoast SEO plugin for my wordpress SEO on this site.

I will show you in next steps of this post with you how to use Yoast SEO plugin.

How can you Optimise your blog post SEO friendly using yoast SEO plugin.

When we write our blog post in our wordpress dashboard. Our Yoast SEO plugin works simulteneuosly with us.
You can check your results, just below your post by scrowling down.

seo score

Yoast SEO plugin will guide you , how to write wordpress SEO friendly blog post.

If you are beginner then you have to focus on your wordpress seo. Because a perfect seo score can explode your traffic. It is simple to do see in this post how?

As you can see in above picture, Yoast SEO plugin will tell your SEO title and your meta description is good or not.

It will give you green signal on every perfect writing.

If you write something wrong Yoast will give you red signal and you can see how much good you are writing.

yoast seo plugin

If you are making any mistakes then Yoast will give you red signal at every step so you can improve that.

Put your focus keyphrase

Focus keyphrase is your main focus keyword on which your blog post is dependent. This focus keyphrase is easier to understand by search engines so search engines can optimise your side easily

Yoast SEO plugin not only suggest you problems, it also indicates the location of your problemso you can easily reach that place without taking any extra time.

blogging niche

Use tags for improving wordpress SEO

Tags are very important to use in every blog post because it navigates search engines to optimise your post.

Tags helps your readers to find ease to read your blogs as per their requirement .

So it is very important that you always use SEO friendly keywords in your tags.

Always use spam comment protecting plugins

There are always more spam comments than good comment so it is very important to remove those spam comments.

There are also plugins to protect your blog from spam comments. The best plugin by wordpress itself is akismet so you can use it.

Because spam comments gives bad effects on your site.

Pro tip: Google Blacklist those websites who have lots of spam comments and downs their rankings.

For a good site is not good so always remove spam comments.

Note: Too many comments also slows down the speed of your website because comments stores in your server and takes place,So only permit the good comments to publish on your blog

Increase your site speed

This is one of the most important factors in increasing your rankings. All the search engines gives priority to high-speed sites.

Obviously, because search engines want to give their best results to their customers.

There are many factors which affect your rankings.

1)Your Hosting service

If you are using a bad hosting service it means you are not going to get good traffic and rankings in search engine results.

So it is very important to use a powerful and high-performance hosting service.

According to wordpress itself bluehost is the best hosting service provider because it gives high speed and very high performance.

Click here to check bluehost.

If you are beginner then you have to focus on your wordpress seo. Because a perfect seo score can explode your traffic. It is simple to do see in this post how?

2) Remove unnecessary plugins

If you are using unnecessary plugins then your site will definitely slow down because every plugin requires space in your server. and ofcourse unnecessary plugins too.

It will badly affects your wordpress SEO then why we use them so remove all the unnecessary plugins.

3) Not use full size images

Images are one of the most important part of a blog post, so we have to use them.

Generally we use many of the images in single blog post. But if you are uploading your images with their full size without optimising it then it will surely decrease your site speed.

Because every image takes space in your server and when are visitor open your website, your larged size image will take more time to open and it will slow down your site speed and affect your WordPress SEO score.

In this case you will loose some rankings in search engines hence your traffic also decreases.

Solution: To decrease the size of a image, you can use many free tools like optimizilla, this is my favourite tool.

Because it decreases the size of an image without changing the quality of your image upto 90% this is huge.

If you are beginner then you have to focus on your wordpress seo. Because a perfect seo score can explode your traffic. It is simple to do see in this post how?

Use internal and external links

linking your website to another website increases your wordpress SEO. Because in this phenomenon you are indicating to search engines that your website wants to give required information anyhow.

Google things you are solving the problem of your reader by Linking to another side which may have the solution of readers problem.

Now in the same way interlinking is also important it means if you are don’t have enough knowledge in the same post but you have a detailed guide on that topic in another post of your blog.

So to fully satisfy your customer you are sending your reader to the required post. It means you are fully satisfying your readers so your wordpress SEO results will improve.

Also your visitors time on your blog will increase it is good for wordpress SEO score.

And you will get more rankings and also more free traffic.

Always use SSL protection

SSL certificates is one of the very necessary factors in SEO ranking of your site because SSL certificate gives security to your site.

It means your site is secured from spams and from other malwares.

Most of the hosting companies gives paid SSL certificate but Bluehost gives it free for you.

If you are not using SSL certificate in your website, then you see ” not secure” in your URL.

This not secure indictates your website is not secure to read and for payments.

So, it is very important to use SSL certificates.

After using SSL certificate you can see your URL as “secure”.

If you are beginner then you have to focus on your wordpress seo. Because a perfect seo score can explode your traffic. It is simple to do see in this post how?
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