Learn here what is domain name. Domain name is the address of your blog. Where is your content is addressed by your domain name.



To start blogging there are some important blogging tools which must be required to show your content in the form of your online blog.

If you don’t know about blogging please read it firstWhat is blogging

To start blogging these four blogging tools are always necessary

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Content management system
  • Theme


As we know every specific thing must have their own name to show itself different from others.

As, this blog is indreshraja.com to show it different from others.

One important note try to understand it. Here the name of this blog is not indreshraja, the actual name of this blog is indreshraja.com

Because indreshraja is common but indreshraja.com is unique and indreshraja.in is also unique. Here .com and .in are the extentions.

So after applying an extention to any name that name is called domain name. But taking an extention is not free it cost some charges to you.

There are many companies in the world who provides these domain name like godaddy, bigrock and bluehost and namecheap.

Here I personally recommend bigrock because it give many additional things with a domain buy and they all are free.

AS now you know the domain is just a name to show your blog identity. The interesting thing is this every domain is unique in whole web world so you have to check your domain name that it is present or not. Click here to check it now.

To overcome the misuse of domain names, there are international authorities which makes some guidelines to sell or buy domain names around the world.

Domain names are not free, because if domain names are free then every single person can buy thousands of domain names and these things will make very bad search results.

Now, you know one thing that you have to pay some of your money to buy your domain name. If you ask about the pricing of a domain then it is not fixed.

The price of a domain name depends on the extention you want to take like .com, .net, .org etc. Domain price also vary from domain selling company to company.

Every domin extention has its predefined meaning but it doesn’t matters what type of extention you are using.

But .com extention are very popular because it was first extension in internet world. So, .com has already millions of sells.

I personally prefer you to buy .com extention because this is best at first time for internal feelings . (just kiding)

A .com domain has a price of 10$. Some of extensions have very cheap price like .xyz it is around .88$ . To start your blogging buy it now. This is the link to buy cheap domains.

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What is domain name and how to choose a good domain name. Get some domain name ideas that will explore your blog from starting. #domain name ideas

Check your domain availability on social media

It is most important to check your domain name availability on every social media as your username.

Let it be supposed that you check a domain www.xyz.com as your domain and it is available and you buy it.

Then you come on Twitter or Instagram or LinkedIn and check the same name xyz as your username but if there is no availability. Then it will be bad for you.

Because you have to change your username just because of no availability and some pre research.

I am facing same problem because my blog name is www.indreshraja.com

But my twitter,instagram, and pinterest username is @indreshrajablog, just because of no avalability of indreshraja.

So take this thing in mind and then buy your domain name. okay

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