What is Content management system for your blog and how to choose it? Here is the tips to choose a right Content management system for your blog


what is content management system and how to choose a best content management to your blog in 2019


The second required thing blogging tool to create a blog is your content management system. what is this?

If you don’t know about blogging read it first- what is blogging

A content management system is the place where your all written text stores. So, start blogging professionally , you have to choose a very good contant management system.

There are many of the content management system are in our industry. But they all have some different features from each other, but the same thing is one i:e to show your text content online.

Here I am going to discuss some of very popular content management systems.

To create a website or blog we require coding skills and if we want to show our website look, then we it must requires to know very good coding skills.

But every person don’t know coding, but many non-coding skilled persons want to start a blog or website then how a non technical person can do this.

A content management system is the predesigned tools, that allows you to show up your content without the use of coding skills. It provides you a place where you just write your text and publish it. It’s simple then your content goes live.  

To use these content management system we need a web server where you can host your website. These severs are very costly so everyone cannot make servers at their home.

There are many companies who provides these hosting servers to you. To use these hosting servers you have to pay some amount of money to these hosting companies.

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