Here you are going to learn what is blogging and the types of blogs. So it is important to learn about blogging before getting start it.

what is a blog

what is a blog and the types of blog

What is blog and what are the types of blog. So how to choose your blogging interest and your blog topic

As we know we all are in the digital era, where most of us prefer google search for any query rather than to find in a book.

Google also have the answer of any question that we ask to google. But do you how google knows these all the things.

What you think google writes these things off course not. Do you know google is just a website, But it works as a search engine. It means google has very large servers which is used to store a large information from whole world to it.

If anybody searches any topic then google algorithm finds a perfect answer for you, from millions of websites around the world.

Now there are two questions….

First- Who writes these all the things that we finds on google.

Second- Why they writes by investing their huge time.

The answer of first question is this , all the content shown by google is written by the persons like you and me and the place where you read the content is called blogs or websites.

The answer of second question is this a blog or a website makes huge full time money, and a blog gives very much popularity. Due to This a person or a community writes these informations.

Now there are some questions, you have to know the answers of these all, if you are serious about blogging.


A blog post is an article which is written by you for your blog post. Which includes written text, photos, videos, and infographics.

Your blog post is your content which after publishing is able to see by anybody around the world.

A perfect blog post contains many of the things like, Headline at the top of blog post. Then a featured image which which tells about your blog post in one look.

Then a blog post contains introduction initially, which tells that , what is going on in this post.

Then comes your main content part here you will write your main content of your blog post which contains everything that you want to tell in your blog post.


A blog address is just like your home address. Which is unique in whole world so anybody can reach you by your exact address.

Here is same. Every blog around the millions of blog has its unique identity or address. For example is unique around the world.

So if you type in your browser then will come here definitely.

Not only blog, Every blog post must have unique address.


Now we are going to discuss about the types of blogs , So you can decide easily your perfect types of your blog, as per your interest.


There are many many types of blog in the blogging industry. Don’t worry these types are not fixed and predicided.

You can choose any of the topic for your blogging. While choosing a blog types you must think that what is favourite topic in which you are perfect to write every time.

It is not neccessary that you have to write on a particular topic of all time on your blog. But choosing a single topic is better than choosing of multi topic for same blog. Because if you are writing of a particular topic like fashion then people will visit you regularily because they know you for fashion.

So it good to choose a single topic for your blog.

Now we will discuss the types of blog.


Travel blog is very good to create for that type of persons who travels many places, and takes pictures of that place.

If you are also a travelling interested person then you create a travel blog. Because it also give you your income along with your travelling. So you will both benefits here.

One more interesting thing about travel blog is this you don’t have to write very long. If you don’t write then also a travel blog will definity do better than other types of blog.

Here you can see a travel blog about iceland


If you want to start a blog but you don’t have idea what to choose for blogging. Then start your lifestyle blog .

Because a lifestyle blog doesn’t required a speciality beacuse it is related to your daily life hacks. Like home desining , art making, something about life.

So you can start your lifestyle blog with just your computer. You don’t have to worry about content in case of lifestyle blog.

To create your lifestyle blog simply click here.


If you are expert in fashion designing then fashion blog is for you. A fashion generally makes more money then other type of blogs.

Fashion blog is very popular because, today mainly all womens searches new things related to fashion on daily basis.

So fashion blog has large audience to read your fashionable articles.

Click here to create your fashion blog today.


Actually my favourite blog is food blog. Because i like to make different types of food items at home.

So to learn new and new recipies peoples visits many of the food blogs in a single day, and the place where they get their right choice they start following that blog.

If you want to earn money with your home and kitchen and with your recipies then start your food blog today.

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