Ubersuggest The ultimate guide

As a blogger, you have to take care of the keywords. Because the right use of keywords will give you free organic traffic.

The one free SEO tool that will help you to choose the best keywords is ubersuggest. But sometimes we don’t know about all the amazing features of ubersugeest.

Here is the guide which will show you how to use ubersuggest.

I will show you all the features one by one with their definition too.

When you click on this ubersuggest URL you will see this…

This tool is provided by one the famous blogger Neilpatel.

This is one the best free alternative tool of SEMrush and ahref.

Let us go the features of ubersuggest in detail…

In the ubersuggest tool you can analyse any keyword, any domain and any type of URL. This free tool is full of amazing features.

Let us consider “backlinks” as our keyword, for which we will use this tool.

You can use any keyword or domain name.

As you see the first option is to put your keyword or domain in the search area. Let we put our keyword backlinks and press enter and see the results.

As you can see there are few results like monthly search volume , seo difficulty and others, and there are lots of options in left side which you can use.

I will show you about all the option how to use them.



In the overview tab ubersuggest will show you the overall site performance like search volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty and the graph to show the trend of that keyword.

Let us look in brief what are these terms.

1.1)Search Volume

Search volume is the monthly search volume of any keyword on the internet. But if you will see in the right side of search bar in our screenshot, this search volume is only of one country.

So to see the search volume of any keyword in any particular country you can select that country.

1.2)SEO difficulty

This is the estimated competition in organic searches for any keyword.

More is the value of SEO difficulty more the competition. It means you have to face high competition to rank any keyword if the SEO difficulty value of that keyword is high.

1.3)Paid Difficulty

This is the estimated competition in paid searches.

It means if you want to rank higher your keywords by paying money to ads then this paid difficulty is the level of competition for that keyword.


This is the amount that you have to pay to get one click through ads on any keyword. (If you will use paid ads)

So the higher value of CPC means you have to pay more and more to show your content on top.

2)Keyword Ideas

This part of ubersuggest will give you all the information for a keyword like keywords ideas from already popular keywords.

You can also see which website is on the top on google searches for that keyword.

Now discuss some definition that you must have to know to understand this part.


Keywords are the main focused words for which any website ranks.

Google analyze keyword as the main part to know what type of content a website have and ranks that website for those keywords.

2.1)Google SERP

Google SERP is the URL list of top 100 website that ranks for any keyword.

This list shows you all the top websites so you can analyze them as a successful example for you.


These are links that a particular website have. These links are coming from another website to a particular website.

Any website that have more quality links that will rank higher in organic searches.

2.3)DS (Domain score)

Based on various factors this score is the overall strength of any website. This score is given from 1 to 100 for any domain name of any website.

If a website has higher domain score than your website, it means another website better than your website in the eyes of google.

So, higher numbers of domain score are must to rank high in organic searches.

2.4)Social Shares

These are numbers of shares of your content by the reader’s of your blog post.

If the share count of your blog post is high, it means people love your content very much.

A higher number of shares gives more traffic and brand awareness. It means your popularity becomes more if people sharing your content too much.

Now see this screenshot…

When we search any keyword in ubersuggest (backlinks in our case), this tool will tell you how many backlinks you have to make to rank in top searches.

It also tells you how many average backlinks a web page have that ranks in top searches.

If you will make more backlinks than this average number than you can expect to rank your web page in top position.

If you don’t know how to create backlinks read this guide

3)Content Ideas

In this part ubersuggest will give you the data that will show popular web page URLs. So you can take idea for any keyword for your website.

3.1)Page Title URL

This is the list of that web page titles which google shows for the search of any keyword.

It means these titles are most popular related to any keyword and so you can also use some words from these titles.

On the side you can also see the social shares on facebook and pinterest that a web page have you can also analyse that part for your ease.

If you don’t know how to use pinterest read this guide.


These are the links that a particular domain or webpage have from another websites.

This type of links points that this website is good for this topic. It means if a website has a higher number of backlinks means more is the trust that web page has.

What are the backlinks for a website and why they are important


By choosing this option you can filter these results according to your requirements.

This will give more relevant results for which you are looking for.

Traffic Analyser

In this part of ubersuggest you can analyze the data of a domain name.

For example how many monthly traffic a particular domain have and how many keywords are ranking for that domain name.

To understand in detail we are going to analyze a domain name ‘backlinko.com“.

This is a famous blog by brian dean.

To analyze there are three options in this tool these are an overview, top pages, and keywords.

Let us discuss one by one…


Now look at this screenshot….

You will notice there are five results here in which we already discussed about backlinks and domain score.

Remaining are two..

1)Organic keywords– These are the numbers of keywords which are ranking organically of any domain name.

2)Organic monthly traffic– This is traffic that a domain gets in one month. This traffic is generated organically by the ranking of your keywords in organic searches.

If your domain trust is higher in the eyes of google, then your number of organic keywords will increase.

There is a another results you can see in the form of a graph.

This graph showing the popularity of any domain name.

If your domain name is ranking good day by day then your graph will increase just like backlinko.

2)Top Pages

In this option you can see the top pages of any domain name that is ranking in organic searches.

These top pages will help you to analyze the trend and popular. So you can make a better version of it and you can rank your own pages in that field.

As you can see at right side in backlinks column, there is the numbers of backlinks that a particular page have.

If you want to see who is referring to this page you can check this by clicking on these links.


Here ubersuggest will show you the exact keywords for which a website is ranking.

It also gives you the volume of any keyword and position of any website for a particular keyword.

For example, backlinko is ranking in number position for “youtube view”. This keyword has a million monthly traffic and have a high difficulty of 49.

But backlinko is on top so this website will get most of the traffic for this keyword organically.

You can also see the difficulty of any keyword so you can analyze that for your website.

On the top of results ubersuggest will also show you which country have how much volume for any keyword and from which country you are getting most of the traffic.

SEO Analyser

This part of ubersuggest will show you the SEO score of your website. Because the SEO is the most important part of any website. So you have to take care about your SEO score.

In SEO analyser this tool will do your site audit and also count the number of backlinks.

1)Site Audit

For any website the only important thing is not content. There are many factors which make your seo score high.

In site audit ubersuggest will tell what are the improvements you have to take and how much things your website have perfectly.

There are many factors which affects SEO like your webstite on page SEO. and off page SEO, backlinks and the most important thing your website speed.

You have take care about the loading time of your website if it is less than 4 seconds, you have to wonder about your hosting service.

You can use best hosting for good loading time of your website.


Now comes the most important part of this tool.

If a say personally i am fan of ubersuggest because of backlinks feature.

If you want to build a successful online business you have to understand about backlinks.

Because backlinks are the only permanent factor to give you highest success.

For this you have to understand the backlinks of others websites, So you can do the same to rank your website too.

In this feature of ubersuggest you can analyze all the backlinks of any website on the website.

Let us understant how can you use this feature in detail……

AS you can see this screenshot there are three options in search bar …first is to put Exact URL, second is to put domain without subdomain and the third is to put domain with their subdomain.

I put the URL of backlinko’s blog with all the subdomains. Now ubersuggest show me these results.

In this result you can see all the backlinks present for backlinko’s blog.

But these backlinks are of two types one is follow and other one is no follow . You can read the difference between both types of links here.

In simple language follow links indicates search engines to follow a blog but nofllow aren’t. It means follow links plays main role in tranking of any type iof website.

NOW what you can do here?

You can open all the websites which are giving follow links to a website.

Then you can try to get backlinks from these websites by various methods. Read them here in detail.

Now this is another screenshot in which i put exact URL to see how much backlinks this single URL have.

OK, You understand about this tool in detail, but you have to take care about few things while making backlinks .

Like the anchor text you atre getting in the form of backlinks. ( Read here more about anchor text)


For the persons who is in digital marketing, blogging seo tools are must for them. Ubersuggest is free SEO tool but with lot of features.

You can analyze your website at any time and other’s website too.

This will help you make relevant backlinks so you can grow your blog.

Because blogging is just not about writing content, It is about doing smart work to get success.

6 thoughts on “Ubersuggest The ultimate guide”

  1. Great guide buddy,

    Keywords are the backbone of any campaign.

    Think about it; Users type keywords into Google to query specific terms. If you get your keyword research down cold, you position your site to rank well on Google.

    Really guys, doing keyword research is step one of a successful SEO and search engine traffic campaign.

    This is where Ubersuggest comes in.

    Thanks for the article!

  2. Hi Indresh,

    Your review of Ubersuggest is phenomenal. The tool has become my goto for keyword research and website audit. Although I’m still using SEMrush and Ahrefs, Ubersuggest is one of the best free SEO tools ever. Neil Patel’s team did incredibly well in this software, and I will always recommend it.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Ubersuggest one of my ‘To Go Tools’… its a free tool that makes researching keywords fun and very easy.
    Coupled it has tab for checking backlinks and all this is free.
    Thumbs up to Neil Patel for this great tool

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