Here i am going to share 7 reasons to start blogging with you. You may got the answers of your all question here related to blogging.

7 reasons to start your own blog

7 Reasons to start your new blog in 2019. Why it is important to start your own blog. How to start your new blog.

7 reasons to start your own blog in 2019 

Starting your own blog online is an amazing experience for your future journey. In starting it may create some problems for you but trust me after a particular time it will definitely give you lot of amazing experience, lot of learning, professional skills, and the most important thing your full time carrier and much more.

If you don’t know what is a blog read this………

In this post i will give you the perfect reasons to start your own blog from now.

Trust me i faced many problems in my life, but if i say personally then blogging gives me the one way path where i am always happy. So lets see some important things that will give you the exact way to decide for your blog from now.

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Your blogging experience improve you on every day. You will start feeling some amazing things in yourself after blogging.

Blogging makes disciplne in your life because a good blog requires disc ipline and regularity and because a blogger does these things regulaily so it improves your discipline.


A blog is mainly in the form of written text and because many reads your daily , it means they also reads your skills , so to overcome the problems in your writing you wil deffinitely try to correct the wrong things. In this manner you will learn many of the things to yourself and these writing skills makes you better.


For me it is the most important thing to start your own blog.Because your blog will give many challaneges and if you are fearless then you will definitely overcome those challanges.

In order to do this, you will learn lot of things from your own research, and you will definitely try to make yourself perfect in your topic, to prove yourself very good not only for others for yourself also.

Let us take an practical example – If you remember your college life then you definitely knows mostly students don’t read their syllabus before exam(even 1) . But at the time of exam all the students learnt their complete syllabus within few days, because of the fear of the now they knows about their all syllabus.

In the same manner a blogger faces challanges regularity and to overcome those challanges, he or she grows their own knowledge for their topic.


Blogging is not just for improvement yourself it also make huge money means very much ( if your are serious). See here some income reports here of makingsenceofsents.  

There are many ways to make money from blogging. It may from showing ads on your blog, it may be from affiliate marketing or it may from sponsoring of some products. See here the ways to make money from problogger.

To make money from blogging the only thing required is the audience that is reading your blog.

Now, if you are thinking how much money can i can earn from blogging, then it is not exact.

But i can say if you does proper blogging on your topic, then you will earn money more times from a 9 to 5 job. Trust me it is true.

But if you are lazy to earn then blog then you can expect to earn money from blogging.


This is the most important reason to me to start blogging again. Yes, again.

Because i was failed in my first blog, because i was busy in other senseless things like facebook, whatsapp, etc and not contributing to my blog.

So i was failed and i was very dissappointed at that time from blogging and i leave it.

But some of my work already make many relations to the peoples of others countries.

It was my pinterest community, from which i finally decided to do blogging.

Because the bloggers who is alraedy have millions of monthly viewrs are working with me. Then i feel so happy and then i decided to come back again with

Blogging is not just a money making plateform, it also gives you many many opportunities for your future carrier and many new friends around the world.

If you ask me what is blogging for me? Then i say “blogging is like antivirus for my life”. Because blogging really gives me many things at right time like money, relations, and opportunities.


If you are doing blogging then you got your online presence in your way. If you are doing well for your blog, then definitely you will approach large audinece arounnd the world.

Your audience will appreciate your work , this type of appreciations are not just the feeling of happyness , it is more than that.

Let it be supposed that you want to work as a manager in any company, where your resume will tell your very short decription. Your resume is not able to show your capacity or your knowlege perfectly.

But if you have a blog on a topic related to your like subject then your blog will show you very diffrent from others and your blog will tell them about your practical knowledge. Here you will definitely have more chances to get the job.

Now many of you can ask me ” If i am doing bloggging then why i will do a job, because i am saying you can make your full time carrier in blogging”

Then i say it was just an example to show you the power of blogging, you will definitely do this as your carrier but blogging wants hard work in its initial stage, so be prepared for that.

One more important thing about blogging is that, blogging do no require a fix time to do this. You can do blogging at anywhere and at any time, so a job and a blog can work simunteneuosly.


Because blogging do not rquire a fix time to do this, So you can do this at any time and the rest of your time is free.

As a blogger you are free from a boring and busylife. In a job you will be paid for the fixed working hours in which you work hard.

Your boss also gives you many commands to complete them at regular time, and you have to do that becuase you are working under your boss. \

But, as a blogger your the boss of yourself. Nobody will disturb you and you have your all time in your hand, in which you can do anything or manythings.

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