How to implement pinterest strategies

Pinterest marketing strategies to grow your blog

More than 250 million people visit pinterest every month. It means pinterest have huge potential in it. So it is important to learn pinterest strategies to grow your business.

Pinterest is a goldmine for bloggers and marketers. Who want to derive traffic and sales.

Organic traffic from google is not easy and quick. It may take months to get attention.

But your right pinterest strategies will give quick and fast boost in your traffic. Pinterst have the potential to give you free traffiic from day one.

…Here are the few pinterest strategies to help you to make impact on pinterest.

1)Optimize your account for Pinterest SEO

Just like your blog on page wordpress seo  ,Pinterest also have requirement of seo. But on pinterest on page seo is of another type.

On pinterest first step is to setup your pinterest profile according to the seo of pinterest.

For this you have to use your targeted keywords on four places.

1.1)Your display name

First in your name display name like me ” indreshraja | blogging+Enterprenuership”

Where blogging and enterpreureship are my targeted keywords.

1.2)Your bio section

AND Second place is your bio, here you have to use your targeted keywords. So make your profile is keyword rich.

This will improve your pinterest seo score and this will increase your search visibility.

1.3)Your boards names

On pinterest you have to create boards. Where you can pin your pins.

Here you have to take care of your board names don’t give name your board randomly, always use keywords.

For example, if your blogging niche is food then your board names may be ” healthy food, food recipes”.

This will notify pinterest that you are pining on food niche. So Pinterest will give attention to you on food-related searches.

1.4)Your pin description

Your pin description is the most important part of seo visibility.

Because pinterest reads your pin description and then understand your pin. After that it gives you organic rankings.

As you can see in my pin I use my keywords “blog and blogging tip”.

2)Regular Post

Pinterest loves engagement and it will show most engaged content more and more.

So on pinterest you have to regular and engaged more and more.

An ideal number is post your own pins minimum 5 times a day. You can increase it upto 10 to 20. But Most important is to pin others content minimum as yours.

According to the research of HubSpot, Saturday and Sunday are the most engaged time on Pinterest and the time between 8 pm to 11 pm is most engaged time.

So you have to use this time to post your pins.

3)Your pinterest pinning strategy

Random pinning on Pinterest doesn’t make sense If you not have a planned strategy.

On pinterest, you have to experiment your self and look at which pinterest strategies works great for you. Then implement those pinning strategies on a regular base.
Make sure to follow some rules daily on Pinterest in your strategy like…Don’t pin only your content.

If you put only your pins then pinterest may ban you. So pin others content too and make the balance between both.

Then experiment which time in your day works best for you. Then pin daily at that time.

You must pin minimum 10 your pins and 10 others pins to make more engagement and get more traction.

One more thing i want to say that you probably listened “buy this e-book to get pinterest traffic” more from some affiliate partner bloggers.

But i suggest you follow your pinning method and experiment yourself then implement that.

4)Always use hashtags

Many pinners on pinterest ignore this part. But trust me hashtags are one of the most important part in your search ranking.

So make sure to use hashtags in your pin description and always research your targeted keywords and then use them as your hashtags.

Pro tip– In One of my research, i found that hashtags works better when we use a long tail keyword as our hashtag.

Because pinterest is smart enough to read a long tail keyword and then differentiate them.

It doesn’t make sense when you put tens of hashtags in your pin. An ideal good number for hashtags is 5.

So make sure to use your targeted long tail keywords as your hashtags and in limits.

5)Analyze and work with your data

Pinterst provides you an analytics data to analyze your pins and your audience and your engagement.

If you are using pinterest seriously, then your analytics data will help you a lot so don’t ignore that.

First, you can see “how your audience is increasing or decreasing” in your Pinterest analytics.

So make sure to note when and how you get more engagement then work according to that.

Then analyze your pins. Where you can see which type of your pin is doing well and which design is not working for you.

So make sure to use the workable design of your pins. It will increase your pin engagement.

Then analyze the most effective color of your pins. Then try to use that color in your mostly pins.

Because color psychology is very effective on Pinterest.

6)Always create multiple pins for the same post

Sometimes many people creates only one pin for one post. It is not good thing.

To get more traction and traffic you have to make more than one pin and make sure to use different design and colors.Then write different description for each pins.

Because pinterest treats every new pin as a different pin. So every pin works differently.

You can’t predict which of your pin is going to work great so make sure to use different pins for the same post.

7)Give a brand to your pins

Your blog is your hard work and people loves you and your content. If people are very positive towards you it means they wants more and more content from you.

But on pinterest every pin is different pin. So how your readers understand which pin is yours in their home feed.

So not miss this chance it is very important to give your pins a brand. It may be a predesigned logo or it may simple text.

But make sure to use the same brand in your every pin. So your readers can catch your pin easily and you will not lose your traffic.

Meerakothand an expert of email marketing always uses text brand and maximum time the same color. So her readers identifies her pin in one look.

It means she never missed her permanent pinterest readers.

8) Pin size matters

Every pin have a size. Not every size on pinterest works good. So it is very important to use proper pin size.

According to pinterest- long verticle pin of 600*900 pexels are good in size.

But as I see 2:3 ratio is good, But pin of more than this reccomended size works great( But of long and verticle size). So exeperiment your self which size works good fit for you.

Then make your pins according to that then pin your pins.

9)Schedule your pins

As I say pin on best time when your audience are actually present on pinterest.

But as a beginner how do you know which time is best for you. How can you determine when pinning is must.

In experimenting it takes a lot of time. But sometimes we not found optimal time for pinning.

Now what is the solution of this?

The solution is automated schedular tailwind. Tailwind is actually an amazing tool.

I am not saying to buy this tool immediatly. Tailwind comes with free trial.

You can use their free trial only. Actually you have to pay for tailwind scheduling feature after free trial.

But to use their other feautres like tailwind tribe and optimal time for post daily, you don’t have to pay.

Because these features also comes with free version.

If you use tailwing from my special link, you will get 15$ in free.

Now, tailwind will tell you the best time for pinnning, so you can use this.

Then schedule your pins in tailwind, so don’t have to worry about pinning on regular basis without skipping.

Tailwind will do all the work in autopilot, if one you schedule your pins.

In this way you will never lose your best time for pinning and so your traffic will increase rapidly.

10)Use niche specific group boards

This is the most important part to get traffic from pinterest. Your own boards may not have many followers. So when you pin your pins in your own boards then it will seen by small audience.

But Group boards have thousands of followers. It means you are getting thousands followers to show your pins.

But for this you have to join only niche specific group boards.

What dost it means?

It means if you are doing blogging on food, then only join the boards which is about food only.

Not try to join the group boards which do not have special niche.

It doestn’t make sence if you pin in agroup board which is open for all types of pins. So make sure you are joining only specific niche groups boards.

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Right Pinterest strategies can give you more traffic and sales without spending a single penny.

Pinterest is most trusted platform to give you free traffic from day one.

You can take benefit of it. It is free to all and really helpful for bloggers.

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8 thoughts on “Pinterest marketing strategies to grow your blog”

  1. Hi Indresh,

    Your post is fantastic, and I’m happy to read it. Pinterest is one platform where I’ve not been paying much attention. I believe I need to to pay more attention to Pinterest since it is a fantastic traffic source like Google. I have learned a few tips. And I’m heading over to edit my profile.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks moss for comment,
      Pinterest is actually second largest referral traffic generator. You can expect good traffic from here.

  2. Thank Indresh

    Your information of the initial basic steps was so helpful to me as it was clearly presented and structured and I’ve found others have overlooked.

    I am new to blogging and Pinterest so I will be monitoring the results excitedly.


  3. Hi Indresh! How are you? I tried putting 10 post on my Pinterest account but I am not still having traffic from Pinterest. And I found your post helpful because I am not yet expert in Pinterest.

    I hope your tips works on my journey with Pinterest.

    1. Hello Paul, You have to post consistently more and more only 10 or 20 is not enough. I recommend you to post atleast your own 5 post a day and also pin others minimum 10 post a day.

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