10 Must have chrome extensions for bloggers

Google chrome is the best browser in the world and the best part of this is chrome extensions.

Anything you want to do in your chrome browser you can install an extention for that and you will see easiness in your work. There are thousands of chrome extensions are available.

In this post you will learn some best chrome extensions so you can use them.

Trust me these free chrome extensions are very amazing. They will increase your productivity so you do more work in the same time.

Here is the list of some best extensions for bloggers and digital marketors…..


If you are not good enough in spelling and in sentence making, then this tool is must for you.

Grammarly is such an amazing tool to correct your spelling mistakes or it will correct your sentence mistakes.

See this screenshot…

As you can see in this screenshot I wrote the incorrect spelling of browser, so Grammarly gave me the right suggestion to correct this.

You can imagine if someone will correct you at every moment of your writing, then how much good is this.


This is best chrome extension I have seen ever. Why?

Sometimes we want to grow our blog’s reach to the other pro bloggers.

It can be simply by making relations or by doing guest posts. But for this you have to take email of the site owner.

But many times site owners don’t show their email addresses on the site.

Then how can you take emails?

Here the requirement of hunter chrome extension comes.

Because it gives the site owners email addresses to you.

See this screenshot…..

As you can see this site don’t shows their email addresses, but you can click on the icon of hunter in your chrome then it will give you email address of the site owner.

It is a free tool, you can signup here for hunter.

3) Viraltag

This is also one of the best chrome extension to save your time.

It will do your work by itself. You have to do your work for one time in day or a week then it will automatically do by self.

What is does?

Viraltag is a social media manager tool. It means it manages all your social media posts.

Generally we post manually on every social site and this process takes huge time. But this same work viraltag does on automation. So you don’t have to worry.

The only work of you is to schedule your social media posts once on viraltag.

Then it will automatically will post your social media posts on a good time or you can give your favorite time so it will post on that time.

See this screenshot…..

I schedule one of my post on pinterest once a day, and it will automatically send on time on pinterest.

You will get 14 days trial , if you signup now for free on viraltag.


This chrome extention is a all in one tool. It will give all the major information for any website like backlinks, google rankings, bing rankings, yahoo rankings.

It also gives you alexa rank and SEMrush ranking in the world.
SEOquake derives its data from one the best SEO tool SEMrush, and provides you.

This tool is free to use. I am using this every time when i visit any new website.

See this screenshot…

As you can see it also has option to give page information and internal and external links.

It also gives the age of any website and you can also see the popularity of pages of website on other platforms like facebook.


Lightshot is one of the fastest and easiest way to take awesome screenshots.

Just choose an area and save it to your computer.

It is light weight chrome extension so it works fast.


Whatfont chrome extension will help you to identify the fonts on any page.

Let it suppose you are reading a blog which has lots of visitors and you also love that blog.

It may possible you love the fonts of that blog too and you want to use same font on your blog.

Then the use of whatfont chrome extension comes in use.

For this you have to install chrome extension and then open your favorite blog or webpage, then click on the whatfont chrome extension and then click on any line of webpage.

Then it will show you the font name and family, just like this…

As you can see in the screenshot it will give every detail of any font.

To use this font just copy the family and put it to your CSS editor and enjoy.

7)Keywords Everywhere

This chrome extention always helps me a lot.

If you are a blogger and interested to know the monthly traffic on any keyword then keywords everywhere can be your best friend.

If can’t imagine the power of this extention before using this.

It provides you facility to show you monthly searches of any keyword without giving extra time in searching.

Because works simulteneously with you, if it is installed in your browser.

The data of this tool is very effective, see this in working mode…..

As you can see i have done a search for the term “blogging’, then see below the blogging term where the monthly traffic and CPC are showing.

You can also see in side the related keyword and the monthly traffic of those keywords too.

The one tool keywords everywhere are doing all these things and it is free to use.


If you love to save some ideas or some images online then evernote is best for you.

Evernote allows you to capture any area on the web.

It allows you to save articles, images and you can also take screenshots.

You can open it on any device by logging in to your account.

Best thing that i love about evernote is their feature to take all the links live in their screenshot.

You can open any link from your web clip by evernote at any time.

See the screenshot……

As you can see i have taken a web clip using evernote of the evernote website.

All the links are alive you can go on them at any time.


As a blogger you have to look DA and PA of different websites many times a day.

For this work generally do this work manually . But this same work mozbar can do on automated way.

For this you just install mozbar chrome extention in your browser and see results like this…..

As you can see this will tell you the domain authority and page authority.

These results will help you especially when you are searching of your competetors websites.


If you are blogger you must heard about alexa ranks.

It may possible you already use alexa to check your site rankings and performance worldwide.

So the chrome extention of alexa helps you to find the worldwide ranking of every website that you visit in your browser.

For this just install alexa chrome extention in your browser and to check rankings just click on the extention like this….

It also gives rankings in your country too.

You can also see the speed of website and similar website.


If you are a blogger then there are some must have chrome extensions you have to use them.

These chrome extensions will increase your [productivity and will also decrease your hard work to smart work.

Because google chrome is the best browser so you have to use it with its full power in with the help of chrome extensions.

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