how to start money making youtube channel

How to make money from youtube channel

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. Youtube is full of quality video contents. Anyone can make money from youtube channel.

Its free to use and have worldwide reach. So anyone can use it from anywhere.

  • What is a youtube channel 
  • Why you have to start your own youtube channel
  • How a person can make money on youtube
  • How to grow your youtube channel
  • Methods to make money on youtube

#1 What is a youtube channel

Youtube is the platform where you can find videos only. You can search videos on any topic.

Youtube is free to use for any person, so you can use it now.

Now you may think if youtube gives free videos then how youtube makes money to run youtube.

The answer is simple from ads on videos. I think you also using youtube now and definitely you see ads many time a day.

Now come to the topic what is a youtube channel.

Youtube is just like your TV. THe difference is TV programs are not in your hands but every video on youtube is in your hands and can run according to your choice only.

Just like TV channels youtube have its own channels. The difference in TV channels and in youtube channels are very big. Like…

  • You don’t have the requirement of money to start your youtube channel but TV channles requires huge money to start
  • Any person can youtube channel without any documents but for TV channels you requires many documents and resistration and others stuffs.
  • A single person can’t a TV channel but a single person can run a youtube channel.
  • TV channel has fix time to show the programs but you can access any youtube program at any time.
  • Anyone can subs cribe can youtbe channel to get notifies on every new video upload but TV don’t have this feature.

Here is an example of a youtube channel t-series


As you can see in above picture, the subscribers of t-series are 92 million. So if t-series uploads any new video there are 92 million peoples who will be notified by youtube.

So if atleast 50% of people will return to t-series new upload then t-series will get automatically get 41 million view in just some days. Because they have a large number of subscribers.

It means if you created a youtube channel and if people loves your videos they will subscribe your channel and they become your permanent viewers.

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#2 Why you have to start your own youtube channel

Your Youtube channel is the platform which can give you anything that you want like money, profession, audience, carrier and many more.

There are many advantages of starting a youtube channel like…

  • Youtube is a platform where you can show any talent if you have.
  • You can make money with your youtube videos on your channel
  • Youtube gives you popularity
  • It can be your full time job
  • You can build your worldwide relations

Let us understand with these 5 examples…

1.You can travel every where if you start you travelling channel and can earn money also with your travelling.


how to make youtube channel

Funforlouise is an example of a successful travel blog. Which have over 2 Million subscribers. Louise Cole is the main behind this successful channel. He is now making a lot of money with companies like netsle.

He travels daily and and uploads videos daily.

2. If you are cooking specialist then you can make your recipies videos and upload it on youtube and generate full time income

how to make youtube channel

Chef John’s Food Wishes is one of the best food channel which have over 2.8 million subscribers. He is making a lot of money.

Because he has passion for cooking so he is running their channel from years.

3. If you have singing talent then show it on youtube, if people loves you then you can make money also and a carrier without the help of any other person.

how to make youtube channel

Satyajeet jena is a indian boy. He is about 15 years old only. His channel has now about 5 million subscribers.

He is so popular in india. He is making a lot of money with his youtube channel

He is growing his carrier with his youtube channel.

4. If you have teaching skills then teach the students and generate income as a full time carrier

how to make youtube channel

Khan academy is one the best youtube channel for education. It is not only for kids. It provides knowlege and educating all ages.

It has about 5 million subscribers. It is very popular.

5. If you have talent to make new new things from home then try it

how to make youtube channel

5 minute craft is none of the most subscribed youtube channel in the world. I like this channel very much. This channel have more than 50 million subscribers.

This channel gives you very interesting ideas to make amazing things.

# How to create a youtube channel

Creating a youtube channel is so simple. Just follow the steps gives below and create your channel now…

Requirements to create a youtube channel

  • One valid Email-id
  • A name for your youtube channel
  • Laptop or phone
  • Internet Connection
  • Your Channel logo or your photo

First step is to open in your browser by clicking here


Then click on sign in button situated at top right corner.

Then choose your email id that you want to use to create your youtube channel. Then put your email id password.

Now youtube will open . Now click on your channel logo area then you will find youtube studio option. Just click on that option.


Now your dashboard will open. You can see option to upload your video. You can start uploading videos.


Below you can see another option analytics where you can see all the data of your channel.


You have another option of setting. Where you can change any type of setting of your channel as per your requirements.

Note- As you can see option of keywords to put of your channel. Please fill it carefully with your targeted keywords.


#4 How to grow youtube channel

This is the most important part of youtubing. Because you can make money from youtube only when you have a large audience.

To grow your youtube channel, you have to work both smart and hard also.

There are may ways to get visitors to your youtube channel. But the most favourable and best method is SEO. We will discuss all here, just read now.

4.1 SEO

SEO( Search engine optimization) is the most important part of growing a new youtube channel.

SEO is simply the science of using specific keywords your youtube channel videos. Which helps to in growing automatically.

So ny doing correct seo you can rank your youtube channel faster.

4.2 Paid Ads

This is also a very fast method to grow your channel but ts is not a free method. To use this method you have to pay some amount of money.

The best way to run ads is to make atleast 10 minutes video then run your ads on that video.

If you are doing well on your youtube channel then people will definitly see again and again.

#5 Methods to make money on youtube

There are many methods to make money from blogging. So you don’t have tpo worry about it.

5.1 Adsence

This is the most famous method to make money from youtube channel.

To apply for adsence you have to follow a crietriea in which your channel must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time. This sounds somethings hard to do.

But it is not as hard as you are thinking.

If you are seriously running your youtube channel then it is very simple to full fill this criteria.

5.2 Affiliate marketing

It is second most common methoda to make money from youtube channel. To do affiliate marketing first you have to join a affiliate network like amazon affiliate.

Then you can riview a product from amazon and can put the affiliate link in your video description. If a person likes your review then he will click on your affiliate link and will buy the product.

THen you will get the commission to sell the products.

5.3 Sponcering

This method is also very popular to make earn money from youtube channel. To do sponcering you must have a good amount of loyal subscribers.

In sponcering a conmpany pays you money to show their products in your videos.

This is the best methos to make money if you have good amount of subscribers.

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