How to start Affiliate marketing easily. Learn here what is affiliate and how can you make money online from affiliate marketing

How to start affiliate marketing quickly in 2019

What is affiliate marketing how to start affiliate marketing in 2019. The best affiliate marketing companies to start your affiliate marketing business.


Affiliate marketing is one the best way to make money online. In this post we are going to learn what is affiliate marketing and how to start affiliate marketing without any investment.

Our list to learn is…….

  • What is affiliate marketing
  • Can you require money to start affiliate marketing
  • How to do affiliate marketing
  • Best affiliate marketing networks that pays good

Before going to learn affiliate marketing , say “i can do this”, then we will start. Ok now lets start…


Let us understand by story-

Suppose a person have 1000 t-shirts to sell in their showroom. Every t-shirt price is 100$. But it is generally not possible that 1000 customer will come to that showroom in a single day and so he can sell them all.

So to sell his t-shirts quickly he can hire some persons on a commission suppose of 10%, so they will try to sell his t-shirts by their own efforts.

If his other persons will sell showroom’s t-shirts then they will get 10% of price means 10$ for per sale.

So here this 10$ commission is called affiliate income.

So we can define affiliate income as ” the marketing of other’s products to get commission on each sale is called affiliate marketing”.

In Affiliate marketing affiliate person does not require his or her own product. Because the product is of others.

NOTE- In affiliate marketing the buyer don’t face any problem and your buyer also don’t pay any extra amount. So feel free about affiliate marketing business.


A simple answer is No. Because the product is of others.

The only require thing to start affiliate marketing is audience, so you can promote other’s product in front of that people.

It depends on you what platform you want to choose to gain your audience, so you can promote your affiliate products.

There are many platform. Here we are going to discuss some of them. Instagram



If you are photos and selfies lover then this is the best choice to start your affiliate marketing. Because on instagram if you gain followers in thousands then you can sell affiliate products on your profile.

If you are asking that how much hard is gain thousands of followers on your profile. Then you don’t have to worry about.

Because it is not hard so much.

If you are posting photos on a single topic daily then you will get followers easily. You can also post your own photos of selfies.

Click here to join instagram.


Facebook is free to use for every person and amazingly facebook has the largest audience then any other social media.

So facebook is the best way to start anything in online marketing.

For affiliate marketing facebook page is the best way to promote affiliate products on facebook.

It is also easy to run a facebook page by your smartphone.

To create a facebook the only required thing is your facebook account so you don’t have to worry about to create a facebook page.

You can also promote your facebook page affiliate products with the help of fcaebook groups.

To do this you can simply join some buy and sell facebook groups.

Because everything is free on facebook to use , but is has very much audience so you can start your affiliate marketing here easily.

Click here to create a facebook account


PInterest is one the biggest online platform in the world.

For me- Pinterest is the most valueable platform for affiliate marketing.

Because pinterest has mostly the persons who is in the mood to buy something by learning reviews from pinterest.

Mostly users of pinterest is womens. According to a survey, Pinterest users are most richer than any other platform users.

On pinterest you have to make some of the images of your products here called pins. Then upload these images(pins) to the boards.

Here boards the collections of a particular types of things and these boards are created by you so you don’t have to worry about it.

Click here to join pinterest.


If you are good in writing then you have to start your own blog in this digital era.

If you ask me the best platform for affiliate marketing then say blogging.Because blogging really the best way to promote anything.

Because you can your own audience who will trust you and your product. So if you find any type of good and problem solving affiliate product then you can promote it your blog.

The major profitable thing about blogging is this you can earn money in many of ways on your blogging.

Click here to know more about blogging benefits.

Creating a blog is so simple . If you want to create your blog, just click here where you will find what is blog.


If you have speaking skill then go for a youtube channel for your affiliate marketing.

Youtube is one of the best way to promote your affiliate marketing products because here audience is loyal to you.

Youtube channel is also free to create and easy to start.

The best method for affiliate marketing on youtube is review the products. If a viewer likes your review for that product, then he or she can buy from your affiliate link and you will commisson.

Click here to go for youtube.


To choose your best commission “affiliate marketing company” first you have to choose a platform to promote affiliate products like Blog, Instagram, Youtube etc.

If you are a blogger then you will get very high commissions because mostly high commission affiliate marketing companies targets blogs due to loyal customers.


If you are using other platforms like youtube and others, then amazon affiliate program is best. Because amazon is worldwide famous and it has loyal customers.

Amazon affiliate program gives affiliate commission rate from 4% to 10% or depending upon the type of products that you choose product.

Amazon affiliate allows you many facilities like if click on your affiliate product link and buys within 24 hours at anytime, then you will also get commission.

Click here to join amazon affiliate program.


It is also one the best affiliate program. It is different from others because here commissions are not fixed. It may be 10$ or it may be 500$.

So it is the best affiliate program for those who wants to earn big commissions. But promoting affiliate products of clickbank is little hard then amazon affiliate.

Click here to join amazon affiliate program.

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  1. Great content! Do you have any recommendations on how to maximize affiliate sales with Amazon? I’m currently an Amazon affiliate, but have yet to make a sale.

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