How to start blog with wordpress and bluehost

How to start a blog with wordpress- Step by step tutorial

Now in this blog post we are going to learn how to start a wordpress blog in 2019. As you already read about required blogging tools from previous post.

If you have not read till now then read them now… by clicking the links given below

Remember one thing, here we are going to start a blog with not with . is another type of blogging platform because here everything is not in your hands here your host is itself is free to use and open source it means all controls are in your hands not by others like

Here i am going with bluehost as my hosting company, because Bluehost is one the best host now and also recommended by WordPress itself.

Why choose bluehost over others

  • Bluehost is very trusted from a very long time.
  • It is recommended by WordPress itself.
  • Bluehost have good pricing.
  • Loading time Bluehost host is very fast.
  • Uptime is also very good than others.
  • Support is also very good.
  • Most important-There are many many tutorials on youtube which is giving the solutions to the any problem of beginners. So you don’t have to worry about support.
  • Bluehost gives free domain.
  • It also gives you a free SSL certificate.
  • 30 days money back gurantee.

How to start a wordpress blog with bluehost

First click here and link will open in your another tab.

Now you can see an interface like below

Learn here How to start blog with wordpress and bluehost

As you can see here domain name is free. If you buy it from others then it will cost you around 10$, but bluehost gives you free of cost.

Now click on get started button.

Here you can see another interface like this…

Leran here How to start blog with wordpress

Here you can see the price list and the features of every plan that you will choose.

As you can see here the bandwidth is unlimited in every plan. It is most interesting part here.

Because unlimited bandwidth will help you to handle large number of traffic at the same time.

NOTEIf you are going with a single blog then it is good. Because rest of the things you can try later. So start with a single website only.

But if you want to start multiple blog or website then choose choice or choice plus.

Now click on select button. Then you will find another page like this…

Start a blog with wordpress and bluehost

Now here is the option is to choose your domain name. So Put a name in the new domain section. The name that you wants as your blog name.

I recommend always choose .com extention. Because it is easy and popular ever.

Then click on next button, if your domain domain name is available then you will see congratulation. If not? Then try another name.

After getting “congratulation your domain is available”. You will find interface like this…

Start a blog with wordpress and bluehost

Here you have the options to fill your details. So please fill only right details.

Then after that the option like this…

Start a blog with wordpress and bluehost

Here is your package details.

Important thing is this if you choose your plan for for 12 months only then price will increase.

So it is depends on you what type of duration you want to take.

I recommends you to buy for 12 months only.

Because at first time you don’t require to pay more money.

One you get success in your first year then you can take for long time. So choose your plan as you want.

After that you will get the option like this…

Start a blog with wordpress and bluehost

Here click on submit button.

And finally you will get your hosting in your hands.

After buying your hosting company bluehost will send you an email.

In that email you will get all the details related to your hosting like username, password and IP address etc.

Install wordpress software

After buying your hosting you can easily install your wordpress software.

To install wordpress just open your email send by bluehost to you.

Then click the link to your admin area, Now open your admin area bu putting password to it from your email.

Now you are in your admin area.

Next step is to click on mysite on left side. Then click on create site ( written on right side). Just like below…

Start a blog with wordpress and bluehost

Now you will get the option to give the name and tagline of your blog just fill that area.

Now congrats. You have successfully installed your wordpress. It means you you started your blog and your blog is online. Means your blog is live.

Now you can write anything and post to the world.

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