Here you learn How to get free traffic from quora, it is not difficult. Quora is open to all to use it and get traffic

How to get massive traffic from quora to your blog

In this post, we are going to learn what is the referral traffic and what are the backlinks and how to get How to get traffic from quora and quality backlinks from Quora?

What is the importance to create the account on Quora? How to make personal branding from Quora?

Why we choose quora get traffic for our blog and how we promote our blog on Quora?

If you don’t know about blogging then read these posts first…

What is the referral traffic

The traffic comes by the referral link from another website is called referral traffic.

In detail- Let it be supposed you are on facebook and where you see a video and below which a link is inserted and says click the link to see more. If you click on that link then you go to another website.

Now you are a new visitor to that website. If 1000 people click on that link then the new website get new 1000 visitors. In this process, the website traffic increases.

These all traffic comes from referral from Facebook(in our example) to linked website to the link. So referral traffic is so much easy and powerful.

What are the backlinks

When a website puts your website link to their own website and when a visitor clicks on that link, then the person comes to your website. Because a website refers back a person to your blog or website by giving a link of your website to their own website, this process is called backlinking.

To learn backlinks in detail click here

Backlinks are very important for SEO. Because Google sees that from where the backlinks come to your website.

If the rank of the backlink giving website is very high, then Google also increases your rankings. Because a high authority website linking you means you are good.

There are tons of websites or blogs that give will give backlinks but there are many of the problems like…

You have a content according to the backlink provider blog or website.

You have enough content to your blog it makes the impression. But in the beginning how to make big content.

One of the factors is the popularity of your blog but initially how is that possible?

Some of the bloggers have so many guidelines to give you a backlink.

Most important thing is the competition from other  bloggers like you that also trying to get backlinks from the same place in the same topic,

So how can how to generate the high-quality backlinks for free and without any difficulties like mentioned above.

The very simple answer is Quora. yes, this question answer site Quora will help you a lot.

Are you thinking how to get traffic from Quora? Don’t worry. the answer is YES, you can!

What is quora ?

Quora is a question and answer site. Quora have 100million+ monthly visitors and Quora has 122 ranks in the world according to Alexa.

Here you can ask anything that you want and you will get many of the answers to your question. On the quora, peoples make their profile according to their passion for blogging, affiliate marketing etc.

There are many of the features of quora

( for readers)

Put your question in ask quora option then quora gives to opportunity to select 25 peoples to request them to answer.

Its not means that only 25 people can see your question to answer but they are notified by quora. Other peoples are not requested by quora but 100s of peoples can answer a question.

You can follow a question it means if you see a question on Quora that is asked by many people, but you also like the question and you want the answer then you can follow the question.

If anyone answers the question that is followed by you then you get a notification from to read the answer.

 If you like an answer and want to share on your social media platforms like… facebook, twitter then Quora gives you these social sharing options.

If you like an answer and want to appreciate the person, then there is an option to upvote a person or if you dislike then there is also an option to downvote.

(for writers)

If have knowledge on any topic just search them and you are able to answer the question as you want.

You can your quora traffic stats as your answer to questions.

You can see the number of peoples that wants the answer to a question in the form of question follows. So choose the question of bug follows to get more quora traffic stats as a result.

Now we are going to discuss…

How to get traffic from Quora as a blogger

If you are a blogger means a writer,then we are going to discuss the features of quora for writers to get traffic.


You have to create a Quora account that will look catchy. Quora ask you to choose your interested fields so please select that topic only in which you are perfect. Make your big as possible.


Choose the question that you want to answer. You must choose a question that has more follows so more peoples get the notification when you answer. So that your question gets more views.


You have to make a trustable brand of your profile. So people can trust you and more energized to you. This will help you to increase traffic.


At the time of answering you must remember that give your answer in short, not in so much detail.

Now, put the link in the answer of your full detail post so that people can go for that to get the full answer.

In this process, the visitors go for your blog post from your Quora account. Hence your blog traffic increases.

Give the answers that will attract peoples to read full. You must remember that not insert so many links without their requirements. If you do this then quora banned you as a spammer.


If you see a question and if the short part of your blog post is able to give the short answer then, copy that part of a blog post and just copy and paste in an answer and in give the link below of your full blog post.

Now you understand how to get traffic from Quora to your blog

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