How to get tons of blog post ideas in 15 minutes

Do you want to know how exactly you can make a great list of blog post ideas in less than 15 minute? Here is the step by step process…

Finding relevant blog post ideas is always be hard work.We are trying to find a blog post idea that will people love. But this is very difficult to do and also painful too.

Trust me, I was also just like you before using these tactics.

Then, I had an idea. Rather than expecting what many people love. Just go to that which people loved already.

Target those topics which were already in search by peoples and what they actually want to know?

Now your focus is to find those problems which peoples are facing and use them as your blog post ideas and then solve those problems.

It must give you high-quality traffic too.

Here is the step by step process…

Step 1: Find out what people are searching

In every field, for every topic there are lots of problems and questions people searching for.

But how exactly you get these questions so you can take them as a blog post idea and solve that.

For this first step is to put your keyword or topic in google search bar and look at the google related auto searches.

I am taking “affiliate marketing” as my keyword.

If you want to know what is affiliate marketing click here.

These related auto searches are really the golden keys. Because people are actually asking these questions for many times due to this google suggesting you these auto terms.

It means these terms have large traffic and you will get that traffic if you rank for these terms.

Now you get one thing clear that you will get traffic if you use these terms. But the question is how much?

Now install an extension in your browser called keywordeverywhere.

This tool will show you the average search that a keyword get in a month.

As you can see in this screenshot…

Pro tip– Use asterisk in your search this will show you more ideas for a keyword.

But there is a problem with our technique. What?

We are getting very limited blog post ideas from Google related searches. To get more results you can use two different tools.

1) Soolve

Soolve is one of the best way to get quick results of blog post ideas which are already in search on every big platform like google, bing, youtube and wikipedia.

As you can see this screenshot.

Here you can also see the monthly traffic for every keyword. This is because of keyword everywhere tool. So this tools is must to use in your browser.

Step 2: Check competition

The biggest problem is your competition. There are over a billion blog online. So your blogging topic may not be unique.

There are many blogs out there which is already ranking for the keyword you are searching for.

Now what can you do?

You can do one thing, that is check the competition on your keyword.

To check the competition you can use a free tool ubersuggest.

This is really amazing tool for a blogger. In detail about ubersuggest we will discuss on another day.

We are using this to find competition. So lets start…

First open ubersuggest in a new tab.

Now click on keyword ideas. Then put your main keywords one by one in the search bar.

This will give you a result just like this screenshot.

From this result you can note four things.

1)Monthly Volume

The first thing you can see the monthly volume that a keyword have. So you get the ideas that how much traffic you will get for that particular keyword.

2)Competition level

Now you can see the difficulty that you are going to face to rank that keyword in SD column.

A high SEO difficult keyword is not good for a beginner blogger. So you ignore that high competition keywords.

3)Backlinks required

This is the most interesting part you have to see.

Because it will show you how much backlinks you have to make to rank for that particular keyword.

If the number of backlinks are less, then it is good for you. You can choose a keyword for which you have to make less number of backlinks.

Because creating a backlink is not very easy task.

If you don’t know how create backlinks, then read this post. 

4)Your competitors

Now see your competitors. Who they are?

AND what they have on their blog to rank that keyword. You have to do more than that your competitor to rank your blog higher than those.

If they have 50 backlinks you have to make 50+ and more thorough content than others.

Then you can rank higher than your competitors.

Now how ubersuggest will help you more than this.

As you see in our screenshot of ubersuggest on keyword “affiliate marketing”. This term affiliate marketing have very high competetion.

So you have to leave it.

Now scroll down and see a low competetioon keyword and click on that.

As you can see in this screenshot, I click on a keyword ” affiliate marketing for beginners” this keyword has less competitive level.

Also this keyword required less number of backlinks to rank high in google.

As you can see your competitors also changed here and now you have to work less to get higher ranking for this keyword.

Now repeat these steps to find more good keywords.

Now I move on to. Where you are going to create your blog post by using these keywords.

Step 3: Make your blog post ideas

To make your keywords to a blog post title you can use a free tool called answer the public.

This free tool will generate tons of good blog post ideas you can copy them or take idea from them.

To use this just go to answerthepublic website.

Now put your main keyword in the search bar. This tool will make a circle of many blog post ideas you can copy some of them.

See this screenshot….

As you can see dozens of blog post ideas.

For ex-

  1. What is affiliate marketing
  2. Where to start affiliate marketing
  3. Where to learn affiliate marketing
  4. How to do affiliate marketing without a blog?
  5. When to start affiliate marketing

As you can see these blog post ideas, they all have your main targeted keywords.

Now you can collect few perfect ideas from this huge list and use as your headlines if possible. It will boost your SEO score.

So choose your titles and use them.


Creation of new blog post ideas is a painful work, if you have not a right strategy to follow.

But in this post I showed you how exactly you can create dozens of blog post ideas in few minutes. This is easy for everyone.

It will not take more than 15 minutes to complete the whole process.

All the tools are free to use.

Now its your turn to create your own blog ideas.

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4 thoughts on “How to get tons of blog post ideas in 15 minutes”

  1. Hi Indresh,
    Your post is good, and you have introduced me to a new keyword tool, “Soolve.” I never knew about. I have always used Google, SEMrush, and Ubersugest, with Ubersuggest as my favorite.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Great tips for finding quality blog post ideas. Google Search Console helps to find out my popular posts and how my posts are coming up on Google. It makes me realize where my readers are coming from and what they are looking for.

    Checking your competitors is a great tip. Learning what works for them and how they’re succeeding.

    Your post was inspiring and packed with lots of valuable information. Thank you for sharing!

    Sandy, Lifestyle Blogger

    1. Hi Sandy, There are lots of blog posts on every topic but the only quality posts ranks in Google. So it is important to find quality ideas.
      Thanks for comment

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