Learn here How to get free traffic from pinterest. Pinterest is free and easy to use. It is open to all you can derive massive traffic from pinterest to your blog.

How to derive masssive traffic to your blog from pinterest

How to get massive traffic to your blog from pinterest. Pinterest is free and easy to use and it will have the power to give tons of traffic to your blog daily.

Pinterest is one the best place to derive massive traffic to your blog. Because pinterest has millions of daily users.

So it has no doubt that pinterest has capacity to give massive traffic to your blog.

To take advantage of pinterest traffic it is necessary to understand the pinterest first.

If you don’t know about blogging please read these first…

Let us discuss about pinterest …

Pinterest is the visual search engine. It means all the content on pinterest is in the form of mages or vidoes only.

One more thing to understand is this pinterest is not social media, it is a seacrh engine.

It means pinterest also have its algorithm like google and bing. Due to this you have to focus on keywords here.( just like google).

There are many things to understand on pinterest, to derive massive traffic to your blog. Like, how to create pinterest account profeassinaly, how to setup pins etc)

Let we discuss in details.


There are two types of pinterest account. One is normal account and other one is pinterest business account.

If you are going on pinterest professionally then it is important create business account to take all advantages of pinterest massive traffic to your blog.

DON’T WORRY it is free to convert normal pinterest to business account .

Benefits of business account

Pinterest business account have three extra features. In which you see your monthly performance and your engagement on pinterest.

In business account you are able to see the traffic goes from pinterest to your blog.

To convert your normal pinterst account to pinterest business account , just click on three dots on your account where you will get an option to convert your account to business.

Just tap on that option and you will get your pinterest business account.


Setting up your pinterest profile using keywords is very important to rank high in pinterest search results.

What are keywords

Keywords are the main focused words which shows the type of your content.

for example- If you are starting your blog on food topic then ” best foods for health” may be your focused keyword.

Any search engine finds keywords in your content to understand that what is inside your blog.

So pinterest also finds these keywords in your profile. Hence it is very important to relevent focused keywords in your pinterest profile.

There are mainly three places in your profile to use your focused keywords.

2.1) In your “Business name”

You must your main focused keyword here. Because your business name reflects you most.

But here the limit is only 15 characters so it is important to use your keyword in this limit.

2.2) In Your pinterest “username”

Please note username is unique all over the world of pinterest. So choose it according as the availability of that username.

Try to use your focused keyword here.

2.3) In your “Description”

This is the place where you are free to use many keywords. Because here words limit is around 300 words,

So please fill your description carefully with your focused keywords.


Pinterest boards is just like cupboards in your almira. Where each of them contains different type of things .

Like one of them have biscuits and other one have your pen and pencils and others also have different items.

Here is same in our pinterest group boards.

Because here also every boards must be of different kinds for better performance. For food bloggers it may be like this, Best foods, Healthy recipies, healthy fruits.

Important note– It is very important to use keywords in your boards names to get higher ranking and search results.

Then fill your boards description with reletive keywords by giving a sence to it. Not to try use only keywords which does not make any sense.

So describe your boards by giving a sense and use smartly your keywords there.


The most valuable thing to get massive traffic from pinterest is the design of your pins.

What are the pinterest pins

Any type of image on pinterest search engine is called pin. These pins may be a photo or may be a design that you will create.

Interesting thing is this pinterest gives you facililty to add links to any type of your pinterest pin.

So if you are designing a pin to your blog post then, add your blog post link to that. If someone click on that pin then he/she will redirect to your blog.

If your pins are looking beautiful then defenitely people will click on your and will redirect to your blog, hence you get traffic to your blog.

If you are looking for free tool that will design beautiful pins for you, then i suggest you canva.com Click here to check it now


While peoples scrolls their pinterest to see others pins, they gives very short time to click on a pin.

So it is very important to create your pins with large fonts so people will see your pins definitely .

Large pins makes good impact on eyes and the catchy design attracts peoples to click on your pin.

So to get massive traffic from pinterest it is very important to design your pin beautifully.


To get high visibility to your pinterest account it is very important to use keywords in your pinterest pins.

These SEO rich keywords will be the stronger factor to get massive traffic from your pinterest account.

There are many ways to find relevent SEO rich keywords…

a) Search a word in pinterest search box like “food” then pinterest gives many sugessions like ” food recipies” and “healthy food” these related search keywords are very benificial for your blog post.

So, use them and it will definitely help you to get traffic to your blog.

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