If you re beginner then choosing a web hosting service provider is noot easy. So learn here how to choose a web hosting service provider for your blog


If you have decided to go with wordpress ( as your content management system) then it’s time to know the best web hosting services for wordpress blog.

If you don’t know about blogging and content management systems then read it first.

First we are going to understand the web hosting meaning


A web hosting is actually a space where you can place your website content.

A web hosting service allow to run your blog 24×7 around the world. So anybody can access your blog at any time.

A web hosting service are not free to use because they require huge maintainance to work for your blog.

So you have to pay some amount of money to run your blog on world wide web all around the world.

There are many companies who are providing web hosting service for your blog.

Actually a web hosting company gives us a space in their servers. Where you can manage our blog.

Note- We can also make our own host at our laptop but we cannot afford the maintenance for that small single system. So it is easy and cheap to buy hosting from a web hosting service

Now you may ask the price of web hosting service . Before getting the answer of your question, first we understand the types of your hosting services.


Here question is this why a web hosting service company provides different types of web hosting.

Let we understand it,

As we know every blog or website are not popular similiary , some are very popular some are not.

It means popular blogs have large visitors to their blog but small bloggers have less numbers of visitors.

But, a web hosting service provider cannot afford a different web server for every blog. Because they host millions of websites daily.

So, they use large servers and they divide a big server to small servers, as per requirements.

Let us understand how ,

FIRST assume server as a your home building Now,

If your have millions of visitors then you have to buy whole server (like a whole building) from your web hosting service provider and off course, you have to pay the whole charge of the whole server.

These servers are called dedicated servers.

Now, if you have thousands of visitors daily then the requirement is to buy a portion of one server ( like a room in a building). These small portions called VPS means Virtual Private Server. and

IF you have hundreds of visitors daily then you can buy a very small portion of a server called shared hosting. (It is like a room sharing with other 5 to 10 peoples in a room of a building).

 This is the smallest part of the hosting server that a hosting service provider gives to users. The cost of shared hosting is the least.

In our example of building as you can see our single flat shared with some other people and let 10 people are using the small flat.

It means you are sharing everything in your home with 10 others due to this it is called shared hosting.

Now why I say you may use shared hosting?

Because a hosting service is not very cheap.

But a shared hosting can easily handle approx 1000 visitor daily without any problem in the initial state.

In initial stage of blogging we rarely get 1000 visitors per day from starting.

But the cost of shared hosting is very cheaper than other types of hosting packages. So I recommend you to choose shared hosting first.

Important note-

It is very important to choose a good hosting service, because a non-technical person may face a lot of problems in the initial stage without any support.

So you have to choose a hosting service provider which is very good in support like bluehost.

There are also many hosting service providers on internet, some of them are very good but some of them are very very bad.

You can’t think how much bad is the hosting of a bad hosting service provider I told you personally at my first time in blogging I choose a very bad hosting due to cheap prize.

But trust me due to many many problem I was frustated and then I decided to quit blogging.

Because at that time I don’t have enough money to buy another hosting service because I already spend money on a very bad hosting.

They mainly downs my site for 4 to 5 hours a day and and loading time of my website was 7 to 8 seconds at that time.

Geneally peoples waits for maximum 5 seconds and I was losing everything everytime. Because I don’t know about good or bad hosting at that time and I quit blogging for approx 8 month.

Then I after a lot research i choose bluehost as my hosting service provider.

Now you understand how much problem you can face because of your one wrong decision.

So I am saying to you to buy bluehost only.

Bluehost also have amazing support.

But if you ask me others hosting service providers as alternative of bluehost, i will recommend you to buy hostinger(fastest host) or hostgator( giant for cloud hosting).

You have to understand two things before buying your hosting

1)Loading time of your host

It is the time in which your side will load. Very fast loading time for a website or blog is must and it must be less than 4 seconds.

Many studies says 30% visitors will not visit your website if your blog loads after 4 seconds.

Hence it is very important to choose a fast hosting service provider.

2) Uptime of your host

It is the time for which your site is online it means at this time your site is ready to open to everyone around the world.

But sometimes your site will downs for a short period like for few seconds or few minutes or few hours(if you choose a bad host).

It depends on your hosting service provider how much good they are.

Mainly good hosting companies gives more than 99.9% of time but some are very poor so it is very important to choose a good hosting service provider with higher uptime.

As I recommend you for bluehost because it also gives you a free domain so don’t have to buy it by paying 10$ to 16$( different domains have different prices) extra money to buy domain.

Bluehost also cheap price than others. It cost you only 3.95$ per month if you are selecting plan for 36 months.

It costs you around 5.95$ per month if you are selecting it for 12 months( don’t worry all hosting companies have price difference for 12 months and 36 moths).

But I personally recommend you to choose 12 months plan only in initial stage I don’t recommend you to pay very much money because you are not earning now.

This whole money you are spending from your pocket.

So choose only for 12 months and after getting some earnings you can upgrade your plan.

 What is web hosting services. How to choose best web hosting service providers for our wordpress blog?
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