Email marketing is the way to grab your targeted audience. You can grow your business with email marketing.

Email Marketing For Beginners

Is email marketing have importance?

This is the question that you may be thinking. But you will get your answer within a few minutes.

As I know it may possible that you don’t have social accounts, but you are reading this post it means you definitely have an Email account.

What it means?

It means largest audience is not on social sites like facebook, instagram. But all internet users are on email.

So email has largest audience base.

Because the place which has a larger audience, larger is the business possibilities there”

Due to this, you have to consider Email marketing important for your business.

Now it may possible you are a beginner in email marketing, then you don’t have to worry about.

Because this is a beginner’s guide for email marketing. So stay here and focus on every point.

In this post you are going to read…..

  • What is email marketing
  • Benefits of email marketing in 5 steps
  • How to collect Emails
  • How can you make better conversions
  • Conclusion

What is email marketing

Email provides the space to market and businesses to promote their products using email is called email marketing.

OR, It can be said that email is used to make personalized relations to your potential customers.

From over decades email marketing is still the number one way to promote your business.

Because Email marketing have 1:38 to ROI ( Return Of Investment).

It means if you spend 1$ on email marketing then you will 38$ of return. This type of marketing you will get only in email.

Benefits of email marketing 5 steps

There are a lot of things which you will find only in email, not on any other marketing platform like social media.

1.Targeted Audience

In email marketing, we collect emails by our brand’s awareness by offering something, and people give us their own email to us by themselves.

It means all the persons in your email list aware from you and waiting for your email to grab the offer for which they give you email.

But at any other social platform, you can’t see this type of engagement. So email marketing provides you highly targeted audience.

2.Low cost

Your email doesn’t require ads to show in your audience inbox. So you don’t have to buy ads to run.

It means you don’t have to spent lots of money to grab your audience attention from email marketing.

The thing you have to do is to collect emails of your viewers by using a tool. You can use hellobar for this. This is free and I also use this.

After collecting emails using hellobar you have to send your emails to your audience.

To send emails you have to use one other tool like convertkit. This one is my favorite tool because of its amazing features.

There is also some free alternatives of this mailerlite, you can use this. It also has a lot of features.

3. You can Give offers

This is one of my favorite part. Because in emails marketing you can show your offers or deals at your website using popups.

These popups have high conversion rates. You can use hellobar for this.

4. Long term relations

Because email is just like your text message. So people highly engaged with an email.

In other marketing platforms like Facebook or affiliate marketing or any other social media, marketing peoples are waiting for an offer message in their inbox.

But mostly persons expect a mail with some offer or some goodies. So people will trust you.

So email marketing gives long term relations.

How to collect emails

This is the most important part. Because you can only reach your audience when you have thier emails.

For this you have to collect their emails.

There are many tactics you can implement for you. But before that, you have to understand one thing. That you want to engage in other’s email inbox.

For this, you have to think why a person will allow you to send them your emails.

People will give their email to you when you give some valuable thing to them.

Here are some ways to collect emails.

1) Provide valuable content

This is the most important thing you can do. Because when you write something valuable to your readers then they may also want your next posts.

For this, they can give you their emails. Because they are getting something valuable from you.

So, your content is the first thing that will give you the opportunity to collect emails.

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2) You can give some freebies

Next thing you can do is to provide something in free.

For this, you can make an amazing and valuable ebook and provide it to your readers by taking their emails.

Generally, people don’t have time to read your full post so you can make a pdf of your post.

Then give your audience an option to download your free ebook if they don’t have time to read your full post at one time.

You can use convertkit to make offers like this. This is one the best tool to solve your all email marketing problems.

3) Run discount campaign

After getting the right guide generally, people want to buy that thing if they have requirement.

But sometimes the price is more than they want, so they wants to buy at a discounted price.

So you can make a campaign using converkit and say ” you are going to launch some discount coupons to some of some high priced tools TO receive this exclusive offer provide your email “.

If peoples look at your offer interesting they will give you their email and then you can send them your offers.

Remember one thing– Your emails subscribers gives you their email on a trust. So don’t break their trust by sending spam messages.

4) Use browser notification tools

This is really amazing method to collect emails.

In this method when a visitor once visit your site in their browser, then on any new post or any update on your blog will directly shown to your reader in the form of web notification automatically.

To do this you have to use a tool.

I will suggest you my favourite and free tool This is amazing to use and implement.

You can see at corner

5) Host a giveaway contest

People loves something in free. So you can think on this.

For this, you can give something free by making a contest. In which you can fix some timer and also you can fix numbers of winners. Then publish live.

For winners, you can reward by giving something in free. You can increase the numbers of winners.

It will be easy when you give them a digital product like an ebook or any other digital material of your choice.

Generally I see good results when we provide some great copyright free images to use anywhere.

You can capture these images by your own if you have equipment or you can collect them from many copyright free sites like pixabay, pexels.

For participation in your free contest people will give you their email.

To create this type of contest you can use a free tool kingsumo. To use this tools you must have an email marketing service provider tool like MailChimp(free) or convertkit ( You will get free trial if you click on my this link).

How can you make better email conversions

To make better email conversions you must note that you want email list to email them.

…..It means you are going to inbox in others email home.

Now there are 3 steps to do……

1) Take permission

The first step is to take the permission of a person to email them. It means you only take an email from a reader when they want to give you.

You may be thinking…How can you use others email without giving their email to you?

… Actually sometimes people buy bunch of emails from others and use them for themselves. These are spam and bad things. So don’t do that.

To send your email to anyone first take permission of that person by providing some value to him or her.

By using any of the method discussed above in “how to collect email” list.

2) Follow them with your great content

This is the most important thing to do better email marketing.

After taking emails …send them some valuable contents on a fix weekly basis.

Don’t be spammy by sending daily daily your emails. If you do this people will think you spammy person and may unsubscribe you.

So ONLY send emails when you have something new for them.

On the other hand, don’t wait for 15 days or a month so people will forget you. So make a proper time to send your emails.

3) Pitch your product at perfect manner

You are making your email list to make some money from your blog or business not for entertainment.

So After making a email list it is time to pitch your product to make sales

…..Now pitching must be good for better sales conversions.

Don’t send unexpected things in your email to your subscribers. Because people generally don’t take seriously those things which is not expected by them

So First you have to make sure what you are going to send in your emails.

For that first aware your subscribers that you are going to do this next. Then will wait for your email and expect the same that you are going to provide.

Now Pitch your email as expected by your subscribers. Then you will see better conversion rates.

5) Use Autoresponder

Autoresponder is the tool which automatically does works for you by sending automatic emails to your email list.

Why you need an autoresponder…?

When we have few peoples in our list then we can send them emails manually. But if you have thousands of emails subscribers then how can you handle all the works manually.

For this you have to an autoresponder.

You may notice great successful bloggers or a company how to send millions of emails in the same format. To do this, they use autoresponders.

There are many autoresponders in the market. But i will suggest you convertkit because of its amazing features. (Go for a free trial).

5) Use your analytics

Mainly all autoresponders provides analytics feature in which you can see the growth of emails.

But some of them like convertkit have amazing features like how many emails opened and how many links are clicked.

Also which type of your emails is performing better.

This data is amazing to know your subscribers. So you can work according to that.

6) Use segmentation of your email list

Before going to learn how to do segmentation, first, you have to learn what is segmentation and why it is important?

Segmentation is the process of breaking your email list to differentiate your different types of subscribers.

It is important to do because ” the person who subscribes today is different from the person which is in our list from 1 year”. They both require a different type of content.

So to make difference between them we use segmentation. So we can provide the content as per the requirement.

How to use segmentation…?

First make the different lists of your subscribers as per these points…

  • Who subscribe today
  • Who wants updates for blog posts only
  • Who is waiting for your products offers
  • And who already buy something from your email.

You can see all these things in your convertkit dashboard.

Now make your different lists for these different types of subscribers and send them email as per their interest.

This will improve your subscribers trust on you and you can make better conversions.


If you still ignoring email marketing it means you are missing many important thing.

Email marketing is still the best way to make sales and to make trust.

So you have to focus on this.

If you notice then you will see every big blogger or marketer must uses emails for their promotions.

This can be your best way to get succsses.

Not its you turn to implement email marketing as per your requirement.

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