5 ways to download video from youtube

Are you feeling problem to download youtube videos. It is an easy to process. You can do it in anyways.

Look at here there are many ways..

1) Using chrome browser

Google chrome is the most popular browser on the web. If you are on chrome then follow this easy guide.

Step1- Open youtube.com in your chrome browser.

Now search for any video which you want to download. I am taking despecito song here.

If you will see in your URL tab it will look like this

how to download youtube videos for free

Now remove ” https://www. ” this part and type ss like below…


Now press enter and you are redirected to a website savafrom.net.

Like this…

Now click on the download button, with the extension you love like 720, 360 or others.

Hence your video will start downloading.

2 Using Vdownloader

This is a software that will allow you to download videos from many platforms like youtube, vimeo, facebook and more.

For this you just type “save” in your youtube video URL like this…


And press enter. It will redirect you to vdownloader and then you can download your videos.

3 Use youtube downloader

If you downloads youtube videos many times then it will be fit for you. Because you can download many videos as you want.

To use this you have to install it once in your PC.

Then open it and paste any youtube video URL and press download rest work it will do itself.

It is free to use and it will allow you to choose any format and resolution of youtube videos.

4 Use Acethinker

This tool is available on internet for free. It also available both as online and offline you can use both formats.

It not only downloads videos from youtube only. It will also download videos from facebook, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

If you are a daily video downloader then you can install it or you can use it online for a few videos.

5 Use 4Kdownload

It is the best tool i have ever used. Because it not only downloads youtube videos. It is multi-functional tool.

Like It can download videos from instagram and it can also be able to convert youtube videos in to mp3.

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4 thoughts on “5 ways to download video from youtube”

  1. This post is a goldmine for me, Indresh. I have been trying to download YouTube content for the longest without knowing how to do it. Even though I haven’t searched the web for information on how to download YouTube videos, reading this article is all I needed.
    With my chrome browser, I’m good to go. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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