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Blog directories to submit your blog

Do you ever hear about blog directories? What they are and why they are popular in blogging guys?

If no, then don’t worry I am going to explain to them in this post.

Blog directories are the sites that show the different blogs list or some list of different types of articles to their audience.

Because these articles or blogs are not their own, they just give the option to submit your blog or your blog articles, so here a blogger has an opportunity like you and me.

You can submit your articles or your blog URL, to these blog directories.

For doing this, they will give you something in return. It can be traffic or a backlink or both.

So it is a win-win situation for a blogger and a blog directory submission site.

Now as you also know all the free things have some types of limitations or disadvantages too.

So before giving you the list of some blog directories, I will explain to you some advantages and disadvantages of these blog directories.

Advantages of blog directory

  • You will get some traffic for free after submitting your blog to these directories.
  • In return, you will also get a link. These are generally no-follow links. But no-follow link also helps in SEO.
  • Your Search engine visibility will increase if you submit your blog to an authority blog directory.

Disadvantages of blog directory

  • Google can penalize you for creating multiple no-follow links at the same time.
  • Multiple spammy No-follow links can harm your website if you are building them on spammy websites.
  • Blog directories links are not so much effective.

Do you need to pay to these directories

The answer may vary for this question because most blog directories have both options free and paid and so the features vary in both free and premium plans.

Look at this one example…

Blog directories free or paid services

It depends on you which one you are choosing. Free plans generally have features like more traffic and sometimes they give a do-follow backlink to your blog.

Do you know the power of do-follow backlinks and how to make backlinks easily in most relevant ways?

How to submit your blog to blog directories

To submit your blog to these blog directories you can follow this process…

First, choose a directory from the given list below. ( You can also find some good blog directories through yourself).

Now check the domain score and page score of that directories. Only submit your blog to a good blog directory only.

Now check that blog directory to SEO perspective like their niche relevancy, spam score and what they are giving you in return.

If a blog directory has a high spam score or any other bad thing which can harm your site, then please don’t submit your blog.

Almost all good blog directories have their terms and conditions and guidelines. So first read those and if you will find the right for your blog then submit your blog.

Now they will ask you to give your details. So provide your blog details and create an account that directories.

Generally, they want your name, your site name, your blog URL and description of your blog.

But if you’re going to submit your blog on multiple blog directories at the same then writing this stuff again and again may be time taking and hard too.

So to make this process easy just write all your details in one place like notepad. Then copy your details and paste them in different blog directories. It will help you.

Note- You will find many blog directories while you are searching. But more relevant are only those which are in the same niche in which you are. So try to find out the most relevant directories.

List of 50 blog directories with High DA and PA

In this list, I have mentioned 50 blog directories. In this list, you will also see the domain score and the spam score too. This will help you to choose some good directories only.

Blog Directory NameDASpam Score %
19 http://www.addyourblog.com210
20 http://www.9sites.net3010
22 http://www.addbusiness.net2913
23 http://www.anoj.org1614
24 http://www.alistsites.com2528
25 http://www.a1webdirectory.org3134
26 http://www.ananar.com1924
27 http://www.bedwan.com2823
28 http://www.bizzdirectory.com1828
29 http://www.bestbusinesswebdirectory.com1910
30 http://www.blogs-collection.com351
31 http://www.blogarama.com611
32 http://www.bloggernity.com400
33 http://www.bloggernow.com3010
34 http://www.blogrollcenter.com3628
35 http://www.bocaiw.net2319
36 http://www.directoryseo.biz2516
37 http://www.freetoprankdirectory.com216
38 http://www.gainweb.org295
39 http://www.happal.com2724
40 http://www.h-log.com2328
41 http://homepageseek.com202
42 http://www.highrankdirectory.com300
44 http://www.jewana.com2728
45 http://www.informationcrawler.com1813
46 http://www.livepopular.com2016
47 http://www.linkpedia.net2514
48 http://www.prolinkdirectory.com3316
50 http://www.worldweb-directory.com220


As you know backlinks and traffic is the most important thing to run a blog. But these both are very hard to build. You can also read how to get social media traffic using free tools.

So sometimes we have to do some small things in the beginning to make something that may better than nothing.

Web blog directories are the places where you can make some traffic and links. This is not good for a large amount but you can make a few links.

If you find this article helpful then comment below your views and share this on your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, etc.

If you are a blogger and find this article helpful then give a link to this post and if you are on WordPress and want to read an SEO guide on it then read this.

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