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How to build backlinks in 2019 Step by Step

If you have your own blog it means you know the value of backlinks.

A backlink is one of the most popular word in SEO (search engine optimization).

Because backlinks plays gamechanger role for any website or blog growth.

In this post I am going to cover…

  • What are backlinks
  • Types of backlinks
  • Advantages of backlinks
  • How to get backlinks

What are backlinks

When a webpage of one domain-A links another webpage of another domain-B, then the link gets by domain-B is called backlink.

What are the backlinks for a website and why they are important

In other words when a blog or website links points towards another blog or website through a link then this link is called backlink.

As you understand above backlink is just like a place in another’s home which is provided to you.

Because it is not very easy to get a place in another’s home without his or her permission.

So getting a backlink is always a hard work.

Backlinks just like credits that another person gives to you and more and more credits will increase your SEO rankings.

Before going to the depth of backlinks first we understand some important and common terms used for backlinks

Link Juice

It is the referral of any other website to your website.

When the referrer is rich in organic traffic quality then your SEO score will increase.

It means when you get this link juice from many trusted and high authority websites then your SEO score will increase in the large amount.

So this link juice can also be stated as backlinks.

No-Follow Backlinks

When a website links another website with no-follow tag, then this links is known as a -follow backlink.

But these types of backlinks are not useful for any website in seo score.

Because google understand it as not reputated referral.

You can enable or disable the no-follow option for any outside link that you are referring.

Do-Follow Backlinks

When a website allows passing their website link juice to another website through a link, this type of link is called do-follow backlink.

Do-Follow backlink denotes trust of referrer website to another website.

So, do-follow backlinks are always good to make.

Because search engines like google also increase your SEO score when you get a Do-Follow backlink from a high authority website.

Link Root Domain

When a website links your website it is called as link root domain.

It doesn’t matters how many links you are getting from the same website.

Because from one domain only a single root domain considered.

So, if you want ten root domains then you have to take ten links from ten different websites, not ten links from one website.

Low Quality Links

There are millions of websites which can link another website, but quality always matters.

If you are getting a backlink from a bad website like from a blacklisted website, low authority website or from an adult website.

Then these types of backlinks are called as low quality links.

These links can decrease your SEO rankings. So, always try to stay away from these bad website.

Internal Linking

When we link our one webpage from our another webpage on the same website and same domain, then this type of linking is called internal linking.

Internal linking increases our SEO score and we will get better search engine optimization.

So, internal linking is always important to do on every page of our website.

NOTE- When we gives the links of our one post/page to our another post/page, then visitor can visit both of our pages or posts.
In this phenomenon the time spent of visitors increases on our website and this will increase our rankings in search engines like google.
So, always try to interlink your all pages from one another.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is the text in the hyperlink on which we can click. The exact use of anchor text can boost your SEO rankings.

Anchor text backlinks are really very good for higher search engine rankings.

Why backlinks are so important

As I say backlinks are just like credit points, so higher the credits you receive, you will get higher the rankings in Google.

Because when someone gives you a credit in the form of backlinks, it indicates to google that, “your site is full of quality and is very useful”.

Note- Backlinks is one in three most important factors which google uses to give rankings to any website.  

Advantages of backlinks

Before understanding advantages of backlinks, most important thing to understand is the quality of a backlink.

According to new updates of google only relevant and quality, backlinks are beneficial for you.

Relevant backlinks mean when you get a link from high authority website from your own field.

What are the relevent backlinks and how to get these.

Now lets go for advantages of backlinks…

1) They gives high quality referral traffic

When a high authority website links back to you, then the visitors of that website will visit you.

Because you referred by a high authority website so the reader will read you thoroughly.

As you can understand these visitors come to you to find something in detail that they were reading on your backlink provider website.

So, there is less chance that they will leave your website if your content is good.

Hence your bounce rate will decrease and you will find a boost in your organic rankings.

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2) Your site will get faster indexing

Search engines indexing is the most important key to rank in organic searches.

Because the bots of search engines like google first indexes any site and collect information on that site.

Then according to the quality of that site google gives rankings to any site.

So, when a site is new then how search engines bots come to you without a path.

Because backlinks works as the path for these bots to find a website.

Now, as you can understand if your website has high-quality backlinks then search engine bots will index you easily.

These bots will point you like a high-quality website if your backlinks are if high quality.

3) Backlinks will improve your organic rankings

As you see above high quality backlinks gives you high authority.

Also, you are getting high-quality referral traffic. So these all the things will give you credits and you will get higher organic rankings.

Hence it is very important to create high quality backlinks to your site.

How to get backlinks

There are tons of ways to get backlinks.

But here I am going to discuss some evergreen methods to get high-quality backlinks.

On e important thing you have to note is this –

The number of backlinks doesn’t matters if your backlinks are not relevant to your content.

So, Only try to get high quality relevent backlinks.

Lets go for methods….

1)Write In depth Content

According to Neilpatel (Blogging Expert) "Content is the king".

This is the most important part to get natural backlinks.

Because when someone finds your article great, then you may link by him or her.

Because your In-depth article can be useful to his or her audience.

So great articles will naturally gets sometimes very high quailty backlinks.

Tips to write great articles…

  1. Always try to solve a problem in your blog post. Because every person reads others to find the solution to their problem.

2. You have to write grammatically correct sentences. Because your grammar also makes an impact on your rankings.

3. Use simple words and write short paragraphs. Because short paragraphs look good, easy to read and gives a nice look to your blog.

4. Do not repeat the same things over and over.

5. Always use words like “YOU’ and “ME”, because these type of words gives a familiar nature to your audience.

2) Use guest posting

Guest posting or guest blogging is one of the best way to get high-quality backlinks.

In guest posting you are writing for another’s blog not for your own blog.

Because you are giving something to others, so they will give you a link back to your blog.

These type of backlinks are very effective.

Note- Always do guest posting on high authority websites. Your guest post on low quality website will not be useful.

Here is the list of some very high authority guest posting sites…

3) Broken Link building method

This one of my favourite method to build baclinks.

As we know daily thousands of web pages created and deleted on world wide web.

When a web page is deleted from a site, then their links still remain on their place.

This type of dead links are called broken links.

The owner of that site sometimes don’t focus on that link, but these type of broken links gives bad signals to google webmasters.

So, there is a chance for you.


Now, you can find that broken link and create a new piece of content for that same link.

Then inform the site owner about this broken link and send them your content to replace that broken link.

In this way the site owner will replace your content to that broken link.

Hence, you will get link from that site that will point to your content.

In this way, you will also get all those backlinks who is already linking to that broken link.

Just like this example.

Broken link building method is one the most effective way to backlinks.

You can use “check my links” chrome extension for checking broken links to any site.

If you want to read in detail about broken link method go for this backlinko guide.

4) Analyse your competitors backlinks

When you create a new blog or website, then your website has no backlinks and no traffic.

But on the same niche to that your blog, there are already thousands of websites out there.

Which already have tons of backlinks from good sources.

So there is a chance that those goods resources can also give you a backlink. Because you are in the same niche.

So to get backlinks first find those good sources.

For this work you can free tool ubersuggest.

Here put your competeors URL and analyse their site.

Then you will get the list of those sources which is linking your competitor’s website.

Then just collect those sources and write a more deep and thorough content than your competitor.

Now inform that good those sources by an e-mail, that you have a better version of the same content, that they are linking.

So they can link now yours.

In this process there are a lot of chances to get some high quality backlinks.

5) Make Infographics of your post

Yes, You can get backlinks by making awsome infographics.

Here is the thing,

Peoples love infographics because an infographic gives a lot of knowledge in short and in visual form.

But creating an awesome infographic with relevant and deep knowledge is not easy.

Mainly all bloggers want to show an infographic on their website if they have.

But all bloggers don’t have time to create an infographic.

So here is the points come.

Now you can create an awesome infographic with a lot of information.

Then at the downside of your infographic give the name of your blog and then put it inside your own blog post.

Then provide an embed code below your infographic, so people can use your infographic on their own website.

In this way, you will get many backlinks to your website from just a single infographic.

To create infographic you can use tools like canva or infogram.

6) Use your social networking sites profile

This is another place where you can easily create high-quality backlinks.

Most of the social networking site gives you an option to put your website URL option. Like Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

So, you can give your Blog or Website URL here.

Because these social sites are of very high authority so you will get some high-quality backlinks from these sites.

7) Use blog commenting

Blog commenting is very old method to get backlinks.

But this method is still effective.

As I see this is the fastest method of getting a backlink to your site.

But you have to careful while commenting.

  • You have to note is this, the blog on which you are commenting is of high authority.
  • Your comment must give some value to that blog and then you can put your link to that comment so, the blog owner will approve your comment.
  • You must remember that your comment backlink must be do-follow. Because no-follow links are useless for you.


Backlinks are the key factor for ranking of any website.

It doesn’t matters how many links you have on your site.

But the quality of that links matter. A good link can be 1000 times better than a bad link.

So always try to build some authority backlinks.

Now, if you like this post don’t forget to share it and comment on the method that you are going to use.

Building backlinks are not always easy. So it is very important to learn how to get quality backlinks. Here are some tips you can use.
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