7 marketing tools to skyrocket your traffic

Everybody wants to grow traffic. Of course, it is the only thing which can give you profit and respect to your work.

You already know about popular and conventional methods to get traffic.

But there are some other ways that exist. Which works really well.

Here I am going to share with you 7 marketing tools to increase the traffic for free.


MeetEdgar is a tool which automates content for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts .

On meet Edgar, you only have to schedule your content only ones and then it will share your content again and again on social media. For twitter, It generally shares 5 to 7 times the same article on different days.

Edgar can also write for you on autopilot. It sounds a little magical but it’s true. It takes quotes worthy content from your blog post and makes ready to post content -all you have to do is only to click the button and share it.

You can also create a custom category-based schedule using different colors and schedule them on a time to post on autopilot.

If you like someone else content on the web, you can also schedule that content too using Edgar browser extension.


Best browser notification tool

While you browsing something on the web you may see some notifications like -check this site out, check out this blog post, these are all push notifications which is created by using a push notification tool like subscribers.com.

By using subscribers.com you also can send these push notifications to your visitors so they can subscribe to your email list without filling any form. This tool is free to use.

Today your email folder is full of mostly unusual emails and people also don’t have time to open the entire email list. So in this way, many useful emails left unopened. But using push notifications nobody will be left without seeing your message. This is the reason why push notification performs better than the email lists.

Some more benefits of using subscribers.com….

  • While you are sending your message to your subscribers it is not necessary that all your subscribers are online to receive your message .Subscribers.com will notify everyone when they will come online and all your subscribers will get your message.
  • If you don’t have extra time to send messages on time to your subscribers, you can also schedule your messages in advance and subscribers.com will send your message as per your scheduled time.
  • You can also target your subscribers by their local timezones, so they will more engage with your messages.

3 Ubersuggest

There are already very popular tools in the market like SEMrush, Moz and ahref. These all are very good to use. These all are paid tools but there is an alternative called ubersuggest which is free to use.

Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool provided by neil patel.

Ubersuggest has lot of features as a keyword research tool. Its backlinks feature is my most favorite part. It will also show you the domain rating, content ideas. You can also use it for keyword research and for competitor analysis.

Using ubersuggest you can find easy to rank keywords with minimum competition. It will also tell you how many backlinks are required to rank for the particular keyword.

In the domain analysis option, you can analyze your competitor’s domain and find the keywords for which your competitor is ranking and use can also use them in your blog posts.

In the backlinks section,, you can find the websites which are giving the backlinks to your competitor’s website so you can also create the backlinks from the same websites. This will help you to rank better than your competitor and of course, it will increase your traffic.

You can read this whole guide to ubersuggest with all of its features.

4 Typeform

Typeform is a survey tool and You may be thinking about how can a survey tool will help you to grow traffic.

You can do any type of survey with it on your website. Okay, Just wait I will show you how…

You are creating amazing content on your website to get traffic. But think? Do all your readers are going to love the content you have written with lots of efforts.

Maybe Not.

Because all your audience may not the same choice on the type of content. But what will happen if you write the content which the maximum number of your audience will love? Of course, Your traffic will increase than previously.

So what can you do for this? You can do a survey in your audience with some different topics before writing a post and write on that topic which has the maximum number of positive responses.

In this way, two things will happen.

1 Your readers will care for your content more because you care about their likes and dislikes.

2 Maximum number of audiences will read your articles and you will get more traffic.

5 Canva

As you know millions of blog posts are publishing on the web every month and maximum number of blog posts have graphics, images, and wallpapers and they download these images from some free websites.

But there are not millions of new and good images to use at no cost and many other peoples uses the same images. Now you can do two things…

1) Use the same images which are already used by thousands of blogs ( Means you are not doing something extra than others )

2) Create your own custom design to show something different.

Canva is a design tool. Which is free to use. You can create unlimited numbers of graphics, custom images and designs with a lot of features.

Because your custom images are unique and looking cool so your visitors will get more engagement with it. What does it mean? Your traffic will increase and your audience will engage more with you.

6 Your headlines

Because headlines are the first impression of your blog post, so it is the most important marketing tool Most digital marketers say your headlines are one of the main factors to give you traffic. According to copy blogger, 80% of your visitors will read your headline, and only 20% will go and reads the article it means your headlines are the main factors that decide the rest of your content to be read or not.

Let us understand this,

Suppose You ranked your website on the first page and at the first position with the help of SEO. But your headlines are not as appealing as the number second website.

Now, what will happen?

A visitor will come to google’s first page and will read the headlines of the first and second websites now where will he go? Maximum chances your visitor will go for number two because the headline of number two is more appealing.

In the same way, thousands of visitors will do the same thing.

Now, what type of indication is this for google- The number two website is more relevant for the keyword searched by a visitor so google will rank number two website to number one and you will lose your position. Hence the number two website will get more traffic.

So what you will do to get more traffic? You have to make your headlines appealing and attractive.

7. Pinterest

Pinterest is the visual search engine and it is very popular. As per research, Pinterest derives 7.17% of all social media traffic. Pinterest users have high annual income and 96% of Pinterest users regularly search a product to buy and about 87% of users purchased something using pinterest. It means Pinterest has a very high rate of conversion.

But how can you derive traffic from Pinterest? To use pinterest you have to create a business profile because a business profile will give you your analytics data.

Pinterest works as a search engine so you have to take care of keywords.

You have to create boards on Pinterest in which you can save your pins. Pins are images that you will put on Pinterest. these images may be of a product image or you can use any type of custom design and link to the place where you want traffic. Whenever a user likes your image then he can click on your image and can go for the required place. You can also read this whole guide on pinterest.


If you have an online business then you must be required a lot of traffic to succeed in your business. To get most out of it you have to market your business.

Because of a lot of demand for online businesses, there are lots of marketing tools that can help you. In this post, I discussed 7 marketing tools that can help you. There are a lot of tools you can experiment with them.

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