Startting a new blog is not easy so it is important to understant 15 things you need to do before launching your new blog.

15 things you need to know before starting your blogging journey

Starting a professional blog is not very simple at first time. So it is very important to know what you should do before creating a professional blog.

Because your blog is just not a blog. It is your future business.

You are going to earn a lot and learn a lot from your blog. So make sure that you are serious about your new blog.

In this post I am going to share some important tips that you have to focus before starting your new blog.

1. Make your mindset curious and focused for your new blog

Because blogging is a very wide industry so it has very high competition. Millions of blogs are online right now.

So it is very important to make yourself ready to fight in this industry.

Here your mindset plays a very big role in your success. Because in the beginning you are along and no one is reading you.

You can be frustrated because you are doing very much hard work to make your blog successful, but audience is not coming on your blog.

But this thing is common to all bloggers in their starting of blogging journey.

But stay focused on your blogging and the excitement for your blogging is the key to get success in blogging.

So prepare yourself for your blogging business.

One thing I told you personally from my experience is that blogging is an amazing business. If you have the potential to face initial situations.

2. Select a niche that you love

If you are prepared yourself for your blogging journey then the most important thing to decide is your favorite niche.

Because blogging is the business of sharing valuable knowledge to your audience. So it is very important that you should teach your audience on a topic in which you are perfect.

It doesn’t matter which topic you love and what type of blogging you are doing. Important is just starting off your blog.

If you are perfect in cooking then definitely start a food blog and write only related to food.

If you are writing on food only then people will love you for your food recipes. But if you are writing on food and vehicles simultaneously then you can imagine who will follow you for your specific talent.

3. Buy a good domain name

After deciding a niche you have to choose a good domain for your blog. Domain name is the identity of your blog so it is important to choose a good domain.

If you don’t know what is domain please read it first

What is domain

If you know then very good.

Now you must remember one thing that your domain name must be short. So people can remember it easily.

Let us see an example of Google. Google has its domain name called 

Anyone can remember it easily. But if you take a name like . As we can see it doesn’t sound good.

A short domain name will also help you to give better audeince experience.

Generally, it is noted that a short domain name ranks higher in organic searches than a long domain.

Now it is important to take a good and top level extension. Like .com, .org, .biz

Because a top-level domain always ranks high in search results on search engines.

If You ask me my personal views then I always prefer a buy a .com domain if you are a beginner. Because it is best always.

Click here to buy a top-level domain from one of the best company called Bluehost.

4. Buy a hosting that is best for you

It is the most important part in starting a blog. It is more important if you are a beginner.

If you don’t know know what is hosting then click this button

Hosting is the backbone of your blog so it is very important to focus first on your hosting service.

The ranking of your website is mainly depends on your website speed. This speed is all depends on your hosting service provider speed.

Uptime of your hosting service is another main factor which gives you higher rankings in google.

Because google loves the website which loads in less time. If your website will take long time to load then why google will give you rankings.Think yourself?

A bad hosting choice can change your mind for not to blog because it will give you very bad experiences regularily.

So choose a best hosting service provider.

I recommend you bluehost because bluehost is the most recommended hosting service provider in the world.

WordPress itself recommends bluehost because of its great performance in low price.

Bluehost also gives you a free domain name with your hosting purchase.

5. Choose a good content management system

Because your content management system is the tool through which you can manage your website as per your requirement.

There are many of the content management systems in the digital world to create a blog.

But is the best content management system for me. I also recommend it to you because it has the largest number of features than any other content management system.

You can install it after buying a hosting.

6. Choose a perfect theme

A theme is a look and the layout of your website. So it is also a very important thing that you have to choose a good looking and have great features theme.

Both types of themes free and paid are present. As we can understand free thing has some of its limited features and also some drawbacks.

Every free theme have footer copyright.

But if you want to remove then buy premium themes.

But free themes are also very powerful. You can choose any one the free from colorlib. Click here to choose a theme from colorlib. .

7. Select a good email service provider

Email subscribers of a blog are the best audience. Because they subscribe to your blog by their choice because they love your content.

So these subscribers wants to read every new blog post. It means whenever you send the email to your subscribers they must open it.

So collect the emails of your subscribers. For this you required a tool which will collect emails for you.

There are many of the options to choose. But every email service provider has different features.

These are of both types free or paid tools. You can use free to a limit or paid from the beginning. Obviously paid email service providers from beginning have some extra features.

MailChimp is the most popular because it’s free up to 2000 subscribers. This is the cheapest email service provider tool.

But it has less features than others.

If I talk about the best email service provider then no doubt convertkit is the best. It also gives you a free trial for 14 days. If you like their service you can continue otherwise not.

8. Always use copyright free images

In blogging, there is a huge importance of photos or images. But all the images present on google you can’t use them directly to your blog.

Because these images are copyrighted. It means without the permission of photographer of the original image you can’t use those images.

But there are many websites which provide you copyright free images. You can use them anywhere without any problem.

Here i am giving some websites like,,

9. Create a account on quora

As a beginner, you may face many problems in the starting journey of your blogging. You may have many questions in your mind and you expect the quick answers to your questions from an expert.

There is one place where you can ask any question and you will get an answer from experts.

To use quora make an account on it.

Here you can also answer of other’s questions, in this way you can link your answer with your blog post link. This way derives traffic to your blog.

If you want to know how to get traffic from quora just click here.

10. Join facebook groups

Facebook is some of the best place to get traffic to your new blog. Because facebook has a very large audience.

Mainly the facebook groups have a large number of members who is helping one another. In this way, every post in a facebook group will get the traffic.

So it is important to join facebook groups. Here you can post your blog posts.

Joining a facebook group in not very hard.

As i see 70% of facebook groups allows to join their groups. So join them.

11. Create a pinterest account

Pinterest is the best way to get free traffic for me. It has millions of audience.

It is free to use and here you can join other people’s group boards just like Facebook groups.

which already have thousands of followers. These group boards will give massive traffic to our blog.

Because mainly the users of Pinterest are reliable and professional. So the traffic comes from Pinterest is the best traffic.

12. Write atleast 5 posts that is full of quality content

Before launching your blog it is very important that your blog must have enough content to read. So visitors will love your blog.

If you ask me how many posts is important on the beginning. Then I say it depends on your content quality.

If you are writing your blog post at least of 1000 words then you can start with 5 posts.

But if you are writing less like 500 words then, write atleast 10 blog posts.

Make sure you are giving a quality knowledge in your blog posts so try to write your best content. okay

13. Research your keywords

To write a quality blog post it is important that you must use some focused words so Google can analyze you. Means what are writing actually.

If you write just like a story then how Google can understand that what is in your content mainly.

There are many tools presents which will help you to find the exact keywords that you have to use ion your blog post.

You can read this post about long tail keywords from one of the best blogger Neil Patel.

14. Install required plugins

Plugins are just like your cupboards items. Anything you want just open your cupboard and use them

In wordpress, you will get thousands of plugins. With the help of these plugins, you can add many of the features to your blog.

Here are some of very important plugins

  • Yoast
  • Social warfare
  • Jetpack and many more.

15. Create a google analytics account

Google analytics gives you the performance data of your website. So it is very important to create a google analytics account. It is free.

Google analytics also gives the real time visitors live.

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