10 Must have wordpress plugins list

Today SEO is very difficult. Google requires over 200 ranking factors that google have in their algorithm to optimize your site like user experience, site speed, mobile-friendliness.

Here is the wordpress plugins list, which will help you to optimize your site for these ranking factors.

1)W3 Total cache

w3 total catch plugin indreshraja

Loading time of your website is really important for your readers. Especially when they are using your site on mobile devices.

Because your site has to fast to open your blog easily. If your site is slow you will lose your readers.

If your site has cache then it will hard to load fast for your site. So you have to remove this cache. Because cache makes a site slower.

So I am here with a complete solution to this problem by a plugin called w3 total cache.

It free to use and it will remove cache and it also use your server in a better way to deliver content fast.

2) Smush image compression and optimisation

smush image compression and optimization plugin indreshraja

You are on the wordpress it means you are using large number of images. It may be in any form like blog post cover, screenshots or a report.

But these all images require space in your server and a full-size image has a large size.

So you have to decrease the size of each and every image without decreasing the quality of any image.

Here is the plugin called smush image compression and optimization. You must use this plugin for this work.

This plugin will automatically compress your all images without decreasing its quality.

Because your site will have lesser sized images so your site will start loading more quickly.

It will improve your search engine rankings.

3)Yoast SEO

yoast seo plugin indreshraja

No doubt search engines are the major source of traffic on the web.

So it is very important to do SEO on your website or blog.

If you are a WordPress user then it is very easy to do SEO for your website. For this, you can use a very popular plugin called Yoast SEO.

This plugin has amazing features that will show you how good your post is for SEO.

It not only gives you a suggestion. It also tells you what you have to do now to optimize your post for SEO.

One example you can see in this screenshot. Where the Yoast is telling that my headline and meta description is correct.

seo plugin indreshraja

It also gives you the option to put your focus keyphrase. So search engines can easily identify what is the topic in your post.

You can also see how and where you are putting your main keyword. Yoast will tell you are you doing good or not. So you can correct your post.

seo indreshraja


This is one of the best plugins on WordPress. This plugin is designed by wordpress.com.

It will help you a lot with its brilliant features.

It takes care of your website’s speed, security, monitor traffic growth and lot more.

Jetpack automatically creates sitemaps so search engines can easily index your site.

A most interesting feature is this it monitors your site on every 5 minutes. It also notifies you when your site is down.

Most of all, it protects your site from attacks.


anti spam akismet plugin indreshraja

To prevent your site from malicious attacks it protects your site.

It automatically checks spam comment and keeps away from your site. So your site will not be affected by spam comments.

Akismet gives a feature in which you can see the status history of any comment.

Moderators of Akismet will see the number of approvals of any comment before showing it to you.

6)AMP for wp

accelerated mobile pages plugin indreshraja

If your mostly visitors are on mobile then this is a must plugin for you. Because AMP for wp loads your site pages faster for mobile devices.

After activating this plugin you will see a change in mobo traffic.

Your bounce rate on mobo devices also decreases.

7) a3 lazy load

a3 lazy load plugin indreshraja

The number one reason for a slow site is the images used in that site.

Because images are bulky in size and covers more bandwidth of your server, so your site speed deceases.

Also when visitors opens your site, then your text loads immediately but your images takes time to load.

a3 lazy load is the solution to this problem. Because as your visitor scrolls down your web pages a3 lazy load will open your images immediately as you can see on indreshraja.com.

This will not irritate your visitors from lazy loadness of your bulky images.

It has many options to choose posts only widget only, post thumbnails only or all. You can choose as per your requirement.

8)Schema- All In One Schema Rich Snippets

If you want to give a professional look to your website first look in search engines then you have to use schema plugin.

When you search anything in google you may see on a website some rating or some reviews.

These types of reviews and ratings you can show by using schema plugin.

Some other features of this plugin you can use are events, videos, articles, recipies and products.

9)Really Simple SSL

really simple ssl plugin indreshraja

One of the major factor in google ranking is the security of your site.

If your site is not secure then you can’t expect good rankings in google. Means security is must.

But if you want to go to buy a security certificate called SSL, it will cost you some dollars.

But you can use it for free by installing a plugin called Really Simple SSL.

Really simple SSL has 3 million plus users.

You can easily change your site from http (not secure) to https (secure).

10) Vaultpress

Think one day you are opening your own site and you will see no data in your site to display and you also don’t have backup to restore.

Means you loosed everything.

This is very bad situation for a website owner. Because our website is our hard work.

But it may happened to everyone if they do not have a backup.

Vaultpress is the plugin that will allow to take backup of your website for free.

This plugin is developed by same company which develop jatpack.

You can also protect your website against hackers and malware.

This means vaultpress is the complete solution of your website security and the best plugin in our wordpress plugin list.


If you are running a self hosted wordpress website, it means you have to take care of your site.

Plugins are the best part in wordpress. You can solve your any wordpress problem using plugins.

In our wordpress plugins list some are must and some of them are best. You have to give a chance to these plugins to show their power.

Now its your turn to use these wordpress plugins list as per your requirement.

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